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Clairvoyance Magic

Clairvoyance is the potential and the capability to see distinctly and clearly through the mind’s eye without manipulating or commanding the images and visions that a clairvoyant can see. A clairvoyant is a person who possess the ability of clairvoyance.


It is believed that every one of us in this world possesses clairvoyance as it is our birthright to have this ability, the only thing that matters is how someone manipulates, enhances and strengthens their clairvoyance. If you are able to develop this ability then you are lucky as you will be able to think clearly and comprehensively throughout your life.


Clairvoyance is more defined, distinctive and prominent than one’s basic senses as it is a more advanced and more developed way of being aware of the significant knowledge and information about certain people, perceiving and knowing facts and truths and commencing and beginning to recognize undisclosed and unexplored areas and branches of understanding and appreciation.


If a person becomes aware of their intuitive and innate abilities as a clairvoyant then their way of thinking will be transformed, restructured and revolutionized and they will be more inclined to pursue the spiritual ways to develop and enhance their abilities. The direct and firsthand control and responsibility for every action, activity, influence and thought will be the recognized and accepted norm.


Learning the ability of clairvoyance is not something like acquiring a new skill set or learning a new gift, although it takes a lot of effort in enhancing and developing this ability. Once you have practiced a lot, meditated almost everyday for twenty to thirty minutes and you have become confident that you have acquired another level of clairvoyance, then it will become natural, involuntary and instinctive for you to see images, visions and symbols through your mind’s eye.


Clairvoyance could be developed by anyone, whether your rich or poor, young or old, male or female, it could be for anyone as it is non-selective and undiscriminating, as it could also be for anyone with various levels of intellectual capacity and reasoning. Basically, anyone from anywhere in this world could be clairvoyants because all you will need is the determination, discipline, commitment, devotion and implementation to learn and acquire.


It is never easy to master something, especially when you are just starting to develop your abilities. You have to be patient, tolerant and forbearing so that you could focus your energy into blossoming and maturing into a very fine clairvoyant. Just remember that you ultimate goal, while you are still practicing, is to see beyond your five basic senses. You will have to do a lot of meditation and contemplation as you will have to focus and concentrate on clearing your cluttered thoughts and opening up your precious mind to the possibilities of gathering the significant and relevant details around you.


What are some of the signs that you have the potential and capability to be a clairvoyant?


1. You have a tingling feeling or sensation right on the middle of your forehead, just between your eyebrows. That is where your third eye is supposed to be if it could be seen.


2. You get and perceive images, symbols and visions that implies something about the future. It could be shown to you via your dreams, or it could be while your are wide awake in the day.


3. You notice that you are seeing some things right at the corner of your eyes which make you look back or double check whether there is something or none.

4. Your dreams seem so real and vivid and you remember every last detail when you wake up. Sometimes, these dreams repetitive and frequent which give you an idea about something that is currently happening in the present life.


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