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Clairvoyance in its simplest definition

Some of us might be familiar with what a clairvoyant is but some might wonder what a clairvoyant’s definition is and what they can actually do. Let us begin on giving out what its true meaning is as simple as possible.



A Clairvoyant is a person who is able to gather and receive intuitive knowledge and information visually.


Did you get it?


A deeper explanation would be, a clairvoyant is someone with a psychic or paranormal ability and they can accumulate a great deal of information visually. With their abilities, good clairvoyants can somehow predict or foresee the future and can read glimpses of the past. They can also sense and read the auras of everyone around them. They could tell if someone is naturally a good person, or if someone is pretending to be another person or if a person is sick


How do they gather information?


They can receive information and intelligence either by these four main ways:



Clairvoyance – this means clear seeing. Clairvoyants can literally see auras and sometimes they have short visions and they can sense movements with their peripheral vision.


Clairaudience – this means clear hearing. Clairaudients are people who get intuitive information from hearing things beyond their imagination. They can distinguish if it’s a real message coming from a spirit guide or if it’s just mere imaginary sound or audio.


Clairsentience – this means clear sensing or feeling. Clairsentients are people who can be very sensitive regarding the things or people that surrounds them. They are advanced Empaths. They can feel if something is wrong and usually, their feelings are right.


Claircognizance – this means clear knowing. Claircognizants are people who just know that something that something is off and they are usually correct. They rely more on their gut feeling.


Do you need a “third eye” to be called a clairvoyant?


Not necessarily, no. Sometimes, of course, it could be a bonus if a clairvoyant has an open third eye. Though it is not always necessary as good clairvoyants, even with their third eyes closed, should still be able to “see” things, images and visions with their mind’s eye.


And also, the images and visions that they often see are not always how it seems. It is never literal. Most of the images that they would “see” are often symbolic or metaphorical.

Are psychics and clairvoyants just the same?


Nope, because as stated above, clairvoyants are people who receive intuitive information by getting and seeing visions in their minds about a certain person place or thing. It may or may not be about the future but the way they perceive the information is different as to how a psychic collects their information.


Psychics, on the other hand, may be involved with paranormal entities such as spirits of the people who passed away, demons, angels, ghosts and spirit guides.


How do I know if I am already having a vision?


Clairvoyants reveal that having a vision sometimes happens very subtly and you might wonder what it was. It just flashes so fast and will leave you wondering what that as all about. It doesn’t feel like it’s real.


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