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Clairvoyance and the Third Eye

A clairvoyant is a person who possesses the ability to see things that could not be seen by the naked or physical eye. It is believed that they have control over their third eye which allows them to “see” auras, energies and other paranormal beings from another realm. Clairvoyants are able to collect and receive intuitive and instinctive information, details and knowledge through visions, images, shapes, colors and symbols that only they could see. There are other abilities that allow psychics to receive intuitive information and knowledge, these are: Clairaudience – receives information and knowledge through the auditory senses. Clairaudiences can hear sounds, musics and voices that no one else can hear and these sounds carry out messages for them to to interpret and decipher. Clairsentience – receives information and knowledge through feeling and sensing things, auras, energies and emotions. Claircognizance – receives information and knowledge through their gut feeling. Claircognizants “just know” when something's not right and when things are not going as planned or as it supposed to be. You need to know that the visions that clairvoyants get in their head are not always literal as it may come in shapes, symbols, images, pictures, letters and dreams that might seem like an apparition or illusion to the clairvoyant. Upon the collection of the visions, the clairvoyant would still have to decipher and interpret the message or information so they could understand it. What’s a third eye and could you open yours? Basically, the third eye is a chakra that could be found on the forehead of most bearers. Another less popular term for this is “the mind’s eye” as it allow clairvoyants to see what they could see that no normal person without the third eye could see. And yes, you can have your third eye open by meditating oftenly and focusing on your visualization. Try asking another psychic for help or read books and articles about opening your third eye, it might help. There are quite a lot of different abilities that anyone could have to call themselves “psychics” and the competence and proficiency of a psychic would depend on the degree or level of their abilities, meaning they would have to refine, sharpen and enhance their abilities and showcase and prove their abilities to everyone or their clients so that they get the respect, admiration and trust of the people. You would say that they should not have to prove themselves to anyone, just like how everyone should be, yes? Even though that is somehow correct, psychics would really have to make a name for themselves and establish their image and reputation to their clients as this is what would make most of their career. If a client went on for a reading with a certain psychic and she like the reading very much as it was accurate, insightful and very helpful then there is a big chance that she is going to recommend the psychic to her friends or to anyone who asks her if she knows a good psychic. But if the psychic failed to prove her abilities to the clients, then she might get frustrated and spread bad publication and news about that psychic and that wouldn’t help with the career and the stature of the psychic at all. So to sum it all up, clairvoyants do not see literal and precise visions so the next time you visit a clairvoyant, be patient as they would need more time to interpret the message for you. Also, they aren't just there to tell you about your future. They could give you positive insights, useful information, rewarding knowledge, words of encouragement, inspiration and motivation to move on with your life and start the greatest journey towards happiness, success and contentment.


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