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Clairvoyance and Other Psychics Abilities

This is the most common psychic ability that most of the people with gifts possess. Clairvoyance is the psychic ability to see things that the naked eye could not see. It is the ability to expose one’s self in psychic occurrences and situations in a visual or perceptible way.


Aside from clairvoyance, there are three other intuitive abilities that some people possess and these are:

  1. Clairsentience

Clairsentience means clear feeling and this is the ability to perceive and accumulate knowledge and information by emotions, sensations and feelings.


Empathy falls under clairsentience.


Clairsentients are very sensitive people and they could feel various feelings and emotions that surround them. When a person is delighted, depressed, melancholic and vexed, they feel it too. Clairsentients’ energy gets drained when they feel a lot of emotions all at once and this causes them to feel tired and exhausted quicker than an average person. They absorb everything at once leaving them all worn out and fatigued at the end of the day.


The good side to having this ability is you will easily know if someone is lying to your face, disregarding their actions and words, clairsentients would just feel that whatever that person is saying is a lie.


  1. Clairaudience

Clairaudience means clear hearing and this is the ability to perceive and accumulate knowledge and information by hearing sounds without using the actual ears.


Clairaudients have the ability of inner hearing. This is when you have that faint voice in your head that tells you to stop what you’re doing or you will eventually put yourself in danger. Like, someone is talking to you but they are not there physically and no other person can hear what you are hearing, except of course, if they are also clairaudients.


The messages and information that the clairaudients hear are from their spirit guides or the spirits of the people who have already passed away.


  1. Claircognizance

Claircognizance means clear knowing and this is the ability to perceive knowledge and information by ‘just knowing’ without being supported by facts or logic.


Claircognizants have the ability of inner knowing. This is most basically known as the human instinct. Do you sometimes get the feeling that you should not trust a person that you just met because something inside you tells you that he or she is not good news and his or her presence just feels totally wrong? Or do you sometimes get the feeling of just missing the morning train and it ends up getting stuck at the middle of the rail which would have caused you to be late for work? Yep, that is how it works.


Claircognizants could feel strongly mostly for any kind of situation. This ability may help you as it also comes in thought that could randomly pop in your mind. Like, when you just feel like telling everyone on the boat that you’re riding on to wear their life vests and then 3 minutes later, the boat that you’re riding gets hit by massive waves which caused you the others to be thrown in the ocean.

Sometimes, you just don’t know what might happen and your subconscious thoughts are sending you hints and messages that something wrong is going to happen. Just do whatever random thought comes into your mind because chances are, those are messages from the spirit realm trying to save or warn you.

But of course, keep in mind that you should not have a reading with a clairvoyant is you wish to know something about your future. Clairvoyants can only glimpses of the possibilities like you having a boyfriend in the future BUT the clairvoyant would not be able to answer the exact time and date of when it will happen. Remember that the future is not set and it could always change. It is better if you come to them asking for something from the past or the present. They would most like be of better help.


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