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Clairvoyance: A Gift or Curse

Clairvoyance is defined as the ability to discern objects, events, or situations outside the normal senses.  Anyone with such abilities or gifts are referred to as a clairvoyant, who can view things that most people cannot, and as so are regarded as messengers and interpreters of the paranormal. They fall under one of many categories of the psychic phenomena and are accorded the power from divinity to provide help to people when all manners of typical methods fall short.

Gift or curse?

Being a natural gift, it should not be taken lightly or seen as something that is malevolent. Furthermore, as with other forms of abilities, some individuals have a greater degree of power than with others. A clear example of this would be akin to those musical or mathematical geniuses like Mozart or Einstein, who have easily conquered their field of expertise without much effort on their part.

For countless years, psychic clairvoyants have been widely viewed by society as those connected with the black arts and can only be found in gypsy camps, circuses, and freak shows.  Many of its practitioners have been punished severely for what they have stood for out of fear and ignorance. Today, things have changed greatly for the better as people have become open-minded and well-informed on the subject of the paranormal and the practice of its arts.

A few people strongly believe that there is still much about the subject of clairvoyance and clairvoyant practitioners that needs to be examined and confirmed scientifically. Be it as it is, even in the face of such prejudice, the advocates of the psychic phenomena are still on firm ground not to view the works of psychics as mere guesswork or a hoax to defraud people of their money.


The nature of a clairvoyant reading


Psychic readings done by a clairvoyant reader offers insight and predictions that stem from the paranormal aspect of the requesting person’s life. These readings offer many possible courses of actions and options that are most suitable to make in order to have an ideal outcome, even in the midst of perplexing events presented by a world full of misery and strife. Aside from this, it assists people by giving them confidence in their ability to make the right choices, enough to steer them into the right path.


The readings, in addition, offer a healing effect of sorts to all those involved when they are touched by the wisdom and light of the other side. It helps a person grieving the loss of a loved one get over it to go on with life in a happy and productive manner; or it sheds light on important and delicate matters to give people another perspective and provide better alternative choices –the possibilities are endless.


A clairvoyant reading comes in many forms by way of psychic clairvoyant readings on an actual person-to-person contact, by telephone, online chat, or email, and by various methods like tarot cards, tea leaves, numerology, palmistry, astrology, aura, or spiritual reading. Being selective in the different methods is vital to the success of any clairvoyant reading, and interested individuals should at least have a basic idea of what is being offered in relation to the nature of their quest for answers.  



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