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Clairvoyance: A gift, not a curse

The term clairvoyance is often wrongly associated with the mysterious, freaky or weird. It actually is an ability to see or ‘sense’ certain matters or information without the use of the five senses. They call it having the ability to use a ‘sixth sense’ or they simply say that a person is psychic.

There are some scholars who believe that being clairvoyant is a gift in the same manner that artistry in music or painting is viewed. That is the reason why people who excel in certain areas such as Mathematics, music or painting are said to be gifted individuals. Clairvoyant persons are gifted and it is something that they can further develop if they mature in their spiritual lives.

On the other hand, Many Christians believe that clairvoyant individuals who truly believe in Christ as their God and savior are actually modern – day prophets. They can speak of good things to come but they usually always encourage people to be faithful in their religious beliefs. They also encourage introspection and reading scripture every day.

The world of science is still searching for ways to fully explain the phenomena called clairvoyance. There are other terms used by serious researchers who study psychic phenomena such as clairvoyance. Terms such as mind – reading, thought transfer or psychic ability describe the abilities of a clairvoyant person. A clairvoyant often dreams or sees visions about things they have no direct knowledge of. Their dreams may have been events that have already happened or are still to happen. At other times, they hear music or conversations when they are asleep. Some call this clairaudience or the ability to hear speeches and messages that have not yet been given. There are scientists who say that clairvoyant or clairaudient people have the ability to receive brain waves or hear sound waves that are inaudible to normal human beings. That is why, their abilities are also called para – normal activities.  

The ability to foresee things or events by visions, dreams and hearing sounds have always been viewed with much skepticism. Psychic persons for one are not as consistent as scientists expect them to be and as such are considered as questionable. However, several individuals are known to have strong clairvoyant abilities and are therefore, approached by people who are solving a crime or groups who are searching for lost treasure. Just as there are records of successful clairvoyants, there are also many instances when   clairvoyant persons were wrong. Are they engaging in mere speculation or guess work? Are they doing some kind of magic? While some psychics prefer to live quietly and keep a low profile, there are other psychics who long for acceptance and recognition.

The proverbial hermit praying in the middle of a forest may not be too far from the lives other psychics choose to lead. Hollywood has portrayed many psychic types living in caves or as wise men with long flowing beards. Are you are one of these clairvoyant individuals?                



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