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Chinese Calendar Astrology

Chinese Calendar Astrology            

Chinese astrological signs are named after animals. They are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and sheep. Each year is named and ruled by one of the animal signs and the people born under each animal sign are influenced by the primary traits of its nature.


1. Rat

Rats are straightforward, large- hearted, loving and caring people who love to live the life of ease and comfort. Although they are quite extrovert and lively, they get easily upset and irritated. They are imaginative and hardworking.


2. Ox

Ox people are trustworthy, quiet, patient and unperturbable. They are hardworking and therefore often rich and prosperous. Although they are very rational and logical, nonetheless, they have traces of stubbornness.


3. Tiger

Tigers are aggressive, overt and no-nonsense people. They are full of drive and vigour and love media attention. They tend to take rash decisions; but they are quite loving and generous with those who follow them faithfully.


4. Rabbit

Rabbit people have strong will power and they always work methodically with focus and determination. They do not, however, tolerate dissidence. Rabbit is regarded as one of the most fortunate astrological signs in Chinese zodiac.


5. Dragon

Dragon people feel proud of their sign. They think they are the most privileged people. This belief impels them to work with energy and drive regardless of what other people think about them. They always feel confident and righteous of their moves.


6. Snake

Snakes are highly flexible, shrewd, watchful, revengeful and superstitious people. They are very quick and smart in their responses to dangerous signals and situations. They are fiercely independent and hate to be ingratiated with unsolicited advice.


7. Horse

Horse people are physically strong, faithful, nice-looking, sexy, intelligent but simple minded. They are easily taken in by syrupy talk and therefore easily fall in love with people. But they cannot be easily controlled once they become angry.


8. Sheep

Sheep people are gentle, down-to-earth and practical. They are hardworking and tend to live within their means. They are generally not ambitious and high dreamers. They love their families and remain sincere to their friends.


9. Monkey

Monkey people are very agile, fun-loving and smart. But once irritated, they can be revengeful as well. They are good mimickers, outgoing, extrovert and clannish in their attitude. They always love to live with their herds.



Colourful and jovial by nature, roosters are pedantic, communicative, confident looking, but highly conservative people. They always try to appear well-mannered and dignified. Most roosters show scant regard for the sensibilities of their fellow creatures.



Dog people are highly lovable and pleasant. They are loyal, trustworthy, intelligent, sensitive and devoted.  They are rational and always alert and watchful on the post of their duty.



Pigs are very simple-minded, generous and dependable people. They always stand by their commitments even though they may have to face lots of trouble and resistance in pursuit of their objectives.


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