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Channeling is a form of mediumship that encompasses the transfer of information from a source perceived not to be of physical form. Channeling is performed in an altered state of mind or consciousness.

The history of channeling can be dated back thousands and thousands of years back, and has been a desire of people since the early ages to communicate with the passed on souls.

The Egyptians developed a way of communicating with the Gods in a highly developed art, while the Greeks had their Oracles. Other religions and cultures had their own way of communicating with their spiritual leaders.

There are various forms of channeling, which include:

Divination and Healing – performed by wizards, witches, wise women and soothsayers.

Possession – entity seizes a body that does not belong to them

In the late nineteenth to the early twentieth century, the world saw an increase in Spiritualism, emphasizing on survival of death and the purported anilities of mediums to contact the spirits of the dead. Then the wake of spiritualism, channeled works were produced, but channeling did not gain its stature back until the early 1960’s to the 1970’s.


The Process of Channeling

There are two forms of channeling, spontaneous and induced. In spontaneous channeling, the channeler has no control over the situation, which involve falling into sudden trances stats or lapses of consciousness. Spontaneous channeling is the first ways of channeling when channeler’s first try to channel spirits, but they gradually learn to control.

Induction channeling methods vary depending on the psychic themselves, but it mainly entails an altered state of mind.

One form of channeling is mental channeling, which entails the meditation of thoughts, words, images, and emotions. It is accomplished in many ways.

In a state of trance the channeler’s personality becomes displaced and another entity’s personality takes on a temporary possession of the body, and the channeler takes on the entities characteristics. Upon return of the channeler, they are unaware of what was said or what happened. Mental channeling is also accomplished through sleeping and dreaming.

Theories Surrounding Channeling

There are many theories that surround channeling, and it is understandable why since it has been around for many years. The most basic is that the channeled spirits are who or what they say they are. The Ancients believed that they were indeed invoking the spirits of the passed on souls and that view is still held till today.

Well known Psychiatrist Sigmund Freud was a skeptic on the subject of channeling, believing it was merely wish fulfillment. While Dr. Carl G. Jung offered two explanations, the first being the channeled spirits came from complexes that had become repressed and separated from consciousness. The second was that they represented archetypes accessed to the collective consciousness , the shared rational memories residing in all humans. 


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