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Causes of Failure in Develop Psychic Ability Process

It is said that all people are psychic in nature. It is the choice of the individual to further develop and strengthen the psychic abilities that he or she has. Many people made an attempt to improve their psychic skills and abilities, but not all of them succeeded. If we are going to take the percentage of those who succeeded, it is below fifty percent. The question is why did most of them failed? Is the develop psychic process really hard that only few succeeded to strengthen and empower their skills? The common reasons why people failed in developing their psychic powers are lack of belief, impatience, and lack of creativity.

Lack of Belief : This is the very first reason why most individuals failed to succeed in developing their psychic skills and abilities. Remember when you are a kid and still innocent, you were able to see things that your parents or your grandparents cannot see. You were able to hear sounds that they cannot hear. This is sign that all individuals have psychic abilities. However, when you told the story to your parents or to your grandparents, they told you that it is impossible for you to hear and see those things, and those are not true. The common mistake is that most individuals believed that those things that are beyond the measure of the physical eyes and ear are not true. With this, they are weakening and ignoring their psychic powers. If only they believed on what they saw and what they hear, they would have succeeded.

Impatience: It does not take a day for a person to complete the develop psychic ability process. It takes several weeks, months or even years, before a person can fully develop his or her psychic abilities. It takes some time before an individual can control his or her psychic powers. One needs to be patient to be able to achieve success in the psychic ability development. However, most individuals gave up immediately. They are not patient enough. They do not want to learn the step by step process. All they want is an instant power. Take the monks as an example. It took them several years before they were able to understand what it means to live simply. They are already monks but they are still doing meditation every day. That is because learning cannot be done in a day. Learning is a continuous process and one must be committed to learn in order to succeed.

Lack of Creativity: The develop psychic process needs some learning materials. Professional psychics can provide learning materials for those who approached them. But for some individuals who do not have the time for official training, they gave up immediately because they think that they do not have the learning materials for their psychic development. What they lack is creativity. They did not realize that they can improvise learning materials on their own. They did not realize that they can make learning materials with papers, pen and a coin. Because of this, they gave up, thus, they lost the chance for them to empower their psychic abilities.


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