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Cartomancy: Psychic Reading Cards

A psychic reading is basically a particular and discrete trial and effort to recognize, distinguish and perceive intuitive knowledge and information by using a psychic’s enhanced, intensifies and strengthened extrasensory perceptions, or the ESP, which is fundamentally the increased expansion of the five basic and ordinary human senses, which are the sense of sight, sense of smell, sense of taste, sense of hearing and sense of touch.


The people call these increased, natural extensions of the basic human senses as:


Clairvoyance – clear seeing

Clairaudience – clear hearing

Clairsentience – clear feeling

Claircognizance – clear knowing

Clairgustance – clear tasting

Clairolfaction – clear smelling


These extensions allows a psychic to see beyond the unseen, hear beyond the unheard and know beyond the unknown. These abilities allow them to gather and accumulate the intuitive information from the spiritual realm, by seeing and talking to their spirit guides, and they could also see energies, auras and vibrations of both people and spirits that allows them to connect to it and perceive the needed information and knowledge.


These information and knowledge could be about the person’s future, and what might happen to him or her in a few weeks, months or years. It could also be about the past and present of a certain person as the psychic would have to verify that it happened or that something is happening at the moment and they could give advices, insights, enlightenment and guidance from the intuitive information that they gathered, in order for the person to develop and mature themselves into a better person for a better, happier and more successful future.


But there is another way to provide psychic readings, and that is via tarot cards, oracle cars, angel cards or any card at all. Other than just relying to a psychic’s natural extension of the five basic human senses, some of them use cards in order to give out psychic readings and this practice is called Cartomancy.


What is cartomancy?


Cartomancy is a way or a method of divination and fortune telling by using a deck of cards. This is considered as one of the oldest forms of divination as it goes way back from the 14th century.


Nowadays, tarot card readings are more commonly known as it has a specific and certain tarot deck that is exclusively used for fortune telling. While in cartomancy, one can use simple and common playing cards for the divination or the process of the card reading.


Basically, the people would go to psychics who use tarot cards or any other kind of cards to know something about the future and to ask what could happen to them or if something good is about to come. That is the essence of fortune telling, to get a glimpse of what might happen or what the future holds for us.       


But another reason why people go to psychics, for a tarot card reading, is because aside from the fact that they want to know what is ahead of us, they would like to be advised, guided and counseled so that they would know what they should do in order to develop and enhance themselves to be better people and attract a better and happier future.

Psychics can see what a person truly is and with tarot cards they get more intense intuitive information and knowledge that could be useful and beneficial to the person being read. Whatever the psychic draws from the deck of tarot cards would mean something relevant and significant to the person. It is all up to the psychic on how they would be able to decipher and interpret what the drawn cards mean. The psychic should, indeed, be experienced, knowledgeable and accomplished to be able to provide an advantageous and rewarding psychic reading.


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