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Carrie (1976)

Carrie (1976)


Carrie is an American horror film, also considered a supernatural film as it contains people with supernatural powers and abilities, which was directed by Brian De Palma, produced by Paul Monash, screenplay is written by Lawrence D. Cohen who based the story line on Stephen King’s novel entitled Carrie. The film was shown on the 3rd of November in the year of 1976. Allotted budget for the film was $1.8 million dollars and t he estimated profit of the blockbuster movie is around $33.8 million dollars. The film was nominated for Best Actress. For actress Sissy Spacek, and Best Supporting Actress for actress Piper Laurie at the 49th Academy Awards.


The movie was established and based from the novel Carrie which Stephen King wrote. The director, Brian De Palma was very intrigued and interested with the story and plot of the book and he made sure and pushed the studio into allowing him to direct the film. Carrie is definitely the first of the many films and television shows that was adapted from the produced and printed works of Stephen King.


The story revolves around a diffident and reserved, sixteen year old girl named Carrie White. She is being bullied in her school and she has special psychic abilities, telekinetic abilities to be precise. Carrie White has a mother who is very religious, who believes that thinking or discussing about menstruation is a form of sin. When Carrie had her first menstruation, she went to her mother and asked why she never told her about having it, thus resulting to being bullied at school because she panicked and was sent home by the principal. She was locked by her mother inside a small closet with an altar inside and was asked to pray and ask for forgiveness for bringing up the topic.


The girls who bullied Carrie in the locker room for having her first menstruation was given a punishment of a week’s detention and a condition that if they skip a day of detention then they will be suspended from school for three days plus being banned from attending the prom. A girl named Chris suggested that if all the girls in the incident stick together then they could overturn detention. Then a girl named Sue asked her to shut up, making Chris walk away, hence being suspended from school and being banned from the prom. Chris blames Carrie for being punished and plans her revenge. She thought of making Carrie win the election for prom queen by asking her friend, Norma, to rig the elections. Chris will be asking her boyfriend named Billy to slaughter pigs, get their blood, put it in a bucket and place it on top of the stage where Carrie will receive her award and pour it on her by pulling the rope attached to the bucket so she would be humiliated in front of everyone in the school.


Margaret, Carrie’s mother, doesn’t want her to go to the prom despite having asked nicely by Carrie. She was asked by Sue’s boyfriend, Tommy, because Sue regrets that she was part of the incident in the locker room so she asked him to take her to the prom for compensation. Carrie was doubtful at first but gave in when her teacher, Ms. Collins, told her that she should accept Tommy’s offer of taking her to the prom as it would be a good idea. Carrie asks her mother but she declines, resulting to Carrie using her telekinetic abilities to shut the door and their windows at home. She had mastered her powers, making her mother frightened and scared of her and calls her satanic witch.


Carrie proceeded to going to the prom with Tommy. She was crowned as the prom queen and the people are congratulating her. As she was being called on stage, Sue notices the bucket and the rope. She tried to tell Ms. Collins but she didn’t listen and pushed her outside of the door. Chris proceeded with her plan and pulled the rope, making Carrie soak in pig’s blood. The people were stunned and weren’t able to speak and applaud any longer. Tommy yelled to defend Carrie but then the bucket fell on his head, making him unconscious. Chris and her boyfriend was able to escape the scene. Carrie was humiliated and she had hallucinations that everyone was laughing at her. She used her abilities and unleashed a great power to everyone in the room. The people are panicking. The principal died because he got electrocuted. Her teacher, Ms. Collins, was crushed to her death. And the whole place is burning while Carrie walks away, locking the doors and the windows so no one could leave the gym. Outside, Chris and Billy tried to run her over with their car but Carrie used her abilities to flip their car over. It exploded, causing them to die while inside the vehicle.


Carrie got home and told her mother about the incident. She was comforted by her mother, being told that she was raped before by Carrie’s drunk father, resulting to having her. They were talking when Margaret stabs Carrie in the back and even tried to chase Carrie with her knife when she tried to run away. Carrie used her abilities again to control the kitchen utensils, killing Margaret. Carrie couldn’t contain her powers anymore, she burns their house down while she and her mother are still inside.


At the last scene, Sue was dreaming that she was standing outside of Carrie’s burned house that has a “for sale” sign. She was the only survivor of what happened during their prom night. Carrie’s arm reaches for Sue’s from the remains or the debris’ of the house and then she wakes up, scared and screaming.


Telekinesis is the ability to move, carry and transport objects and things at a distance by mental power or other non-physical or intangible means. People with this kind of ability often uses their mind to make things move.


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