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Cancer and the Moon

The Cancer is ruled by the moon; among all the other signs the cancer is the most sensitive to the changing moon. Often times ruled by their emotions. People close to you are aware of this but never doubt your unwavering support and loyalty. You are known to be family oriented and a friend everyone can depend on. If your friends or love ones have problems or in need of a shoulder to cry on they turn to you knowing you will never turn them down. Being ruled by the moon contributes to your having strong tendencies to be maternal which sometimes make people stay away, however because of this same trait you are a good homemaker, even a male Cancer often finds contentment in the home and is easily domesticated. They find pleasure in cooking, be it for family and friends or as a career; they find a sense of achievement preparing meals.

Cancer is under the element water which signifies volatility that shows in your high strung emotions. You are very generous, overly caring and sensitive to the needs of others.  Water signs are very adaptable and the Cancer is very popular for adapting into almost anything although you're much preferred to initiate the change. However, you do adapt when necessary. It is also because of your water element that you are a nourishing individual. Your family and friends rely on your support. You will work very well with organizations that support causes. Helping gives you a sense of fulfillment and belonging, which is very important to a Cancerian.

You are highly sociable, often finding it every easy to express your thoughts and contribute productively to a conversation. You love to be with different kinds of people. Your interest in history and ancestry as well as your good memory for details that are relevant to the people around you are conveniently stored and used when the time is right and people marvel at your memory. This trait will best serve you in the line of business. You can use this to your advantage by serving your clients well.

Because moon shines at night so does the cancer. From dusk onwards your creativity starts to kick off, and your energy flows into your creative side. The Cancer is very much alive in the evening, at this time you can write, meditate or reflect, and it will all be a welcoming feeling; just to be under the moon and hear the stillness of the night rejuvenates you.

Those born between June 22 and July 3 are said to have a double dose of the moon’s influence in them. More emotional and loving but sometimes their sentimentality becomes too much. Those born from the 4th to the 13th of July are often deep and intense; more so with relationships. The cancer born from 14th to the 22nd of July is dreamy and has a tendency to be idealistic. You enjoy catering to the needs of others by being compassionate, and you go out of your way to understand their shortcomings, especially with love ones and friends.


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