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Can Tarot Decks Survive The Internet Age?

The world has truly gone a long way over the past two decades alone.  The advent of the Internet in the 80's and 90's has made the planet a much smaller place, connecting people from anywhere in the globe at the click of a mouse. Today's computers have also gotten much smaller and more powerful, processing data at break-neck speeds.  With technology evolving at such a fast pace, can the traditions of the old-world survive the onslaught of modernity?  Here's a look at how one of civilization's best divination tools, the  tarot deck, can manage to survive the Internet age.


How Long Has The Tarot Been Used?

The tarot has been used by man for hundreds of years.  Archeologists in ancient Egypt and Europe have uncovered evidence of playing card-looking plates and disc, bearing inscriptions and images.  The members of the early Christian church also made use of cards with inscriptions and images of saints and religious figures.  Gypsies of medieval Europe were also known to use tarot cards for predicting the future, or foretelling accidents, natural disasters and political upheavals.


The Internet Has Revolutionized Tarot Card Reading

The creation of the Internet, or the Worldwide Web, has opened the floodgates for faster communication, social interaction and free messaging. It has opened up a lot for people, both intellectually and creatively.  It has also joined people from across the planet, and made the world a much smaller place to live in.  It has also made tarot card reading and information more available for more people.  Today, you can easily have your fortunes read from an online tarot card reader.  Many tarot web sites offer free readings and consultations on a person's fortunes with regard to romance, career, work and business.  


The Tarot Can Help Man Touch Base With Ancient Traditions

The onslaught of modern technology however, also has a negative effect on how we deal with our fellowmen, and on how we cherish the old-age traditions of our cultures. Many people today have also fallen into a technology addiction of sorts.  A recent survey in tech-crazy Japan has noted that an increasing number of teenagers are not anymore interested in sex, or in bearing children.  More Japanese teenagers would rather spend time tinkering with all sorts of gadgets and tech tools, rather than have relationships with the opposite sex.  In this aspect, the tarot can help serve as a bridge between man and his soul.  It can allow a person to sit back, meditate and ponder on the meaning of his life.  A tarot card reading can also aid in enhancing a person's spirituality and self-esteem.


The tarot deck can also help renew the connections between man and the natural world, as well as the cosmos.  As astrology studies how the planets, the stars and other celestial bodies play a major role in how we think and live our life, the tarot deck can help the person chart his future, through the guidance of the heavenly energies and other natural influences, which the ordinary eye cannot see or would rather wish to ignore, since he or she is so immersed in tinkering with technology.  


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