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Can Psychics Foresee the Future?

This is a tricky question because some psychics advertise themselves as someone who can predict the future so a mere, simple-minded person could be enticed or tempted to book and have a reading with the said psychics because “predicting the future” couldn’t actually be done by anyone, yes?


But why do psychics announce and market themselves as someone who can foretell the future if they really couldn’t? Well, it is because good psychics have the ability to see the ‘outcomes’ or the results, the consequences, the aftermath or the end of something that someone wants to start. Outcomes are obviously different from “fate” because fate is something that is bound to happen and no one is in control of it. While an “outcome” is how something would turn out and it can be changed.


How could outcomes change?


Because everyone has free will and because of this free will, we tend to do things differently and have the outcomes of our actions change from what it should have been. It’s like creating a different end result to an issue, a problem or an aspect in life wherein you knew what you would have ended with but chose to take a different course, to make the outcome even better, and because you can.


Our free will has the ability to alter and refine our future, it can make it better or it can also make it worse, depending on the choices, decisions and preferences that we pick or choose.


When a person goes to a certain psychic for a reading, he or she will consult about a certain aspect or area in his or her life that they are challenged about. For example, Grace is having difficulties excelling in her career. If she continues on the road of obstacles, hindrances and complication then she will definitely end up miserable or she wouldn’t reach her career goal. But if she used her free will and decided to go on a different path, probably change her job for a better opportunities, chances and possibilities then she might find herself on the right path for a steadier and faster attainment of her goals and success.


If it isn’t for our free will or for our right to choose what to do and what to make out of our current situations to make something better, then we would see ourselves as puppets of our society and we will be controlled, mandated and demanded of things that we do not really like to do but we have no other choice but to do so. We will all be miserable and depressed because everything will be dull, repetitive and regressing.


So going back to the question, can psychics see the future?


Psychics have the ability to foresee a part of our future as they can see symbols, signs, visions, shapes, colors and messages that could tell them about what might happen in someone’s future, but these messages and symbols are often vague and unclear. Psychics would still have to decipher and interpret what it might mean before they relay the message. They never see anything clearly and precisely that is why they would have to rely on their intuitive abilities to know more and understand better.

They would not be able to “see” your future perfectly and lay it out in front of you. Instead, they will read your energy and if anything comes to them, they will try to give you insights, encouragement, enlightenment and guidance as to how you can make better decisions and create a better future for yourself. They are great advisers, counselors and teachers and they would want nothing else but for the betterment of their clients.


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