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Best psychic movies of all time

Would you like to fight boredom with some of these amazing movies about psychic abilities and paranormal inclination? Go through the list to read about some of the well-directed and eminent psychic movies in the history of film.

  1. The Sixth Sense

This movie was directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Dr. Crowe attempts to discover the supernatural aptitudes that an eight-year old boy experiences.


  1. Minority Report

This movie stars Tom Cruise, who played a man who works for an organization who’s always right about the predictions and prophecy of upcoming events. It is based from the novel of Philip K. Dicks who is known to be obsessed with mind control.


  1. The Gift

The movie is about a woman called Annie, who is gifted with psychic vision and is forced to counteract demons while she solves the mystery about the assassination of a girl.


  1. Over her dead body

A man, called Henry, is eager to solve the murder of his fiancé and is being helped by a consultant with psychic abilities. They both fall in love while working together. This is a sci-fi/comedy/drama movie.


  1. The dead zone

A teacher that has been comatose for five years, wakes up and founds out that he has psychic abilities. He can not only see the future but he can also change it. The director of this film is David Cronenberg and this is a Stephen King masterpiece.

  1. Hereafter

The main character, George – an American, can communicate with the spirits who are dead. In a different part of the world, Marie had stumbled upon an almost-death experience that changed her life. The plot is how they become connected to each other.


  1. Premonition

Linda, the main character, was informed that her husband died. What scared her the most is seeing him alive the following day. She gets the premonition and it intensifies up to the point that she tries to stop the death.



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