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Benefits of using a psychic medium

Psychic mediums are the people who become channels of communication with the spirits. They are the conduits to exchange the communication with the spirits. Some psychics can themselves act as mediums and they can also induce others to become mediums. Mediums communicate with the cross over spirits in a state of trance, a sleep like state in which they lose their self consciousness and surrender it along with their body to the spirit with which they communicate. During the state of trance, the guiding spirit uses the organs of the medium to talk and even act. An interesting point to note is that when the mediums come back to their natural state, they are not aware of what transpires through them in the state of trance. The mediums may move, act and talk in the state of trance as they are guided by the spirits.

Since the spirits are omnipresent and omniscient beings they unravel the mysteries and secrets which are inaccessible to the ordinary human beings. Edgar Cayce would go into trance and diagnose the complicated medical problems with stunning accuracy and suggest simple yet efficacious remedies and exercises that would cure the hopeless patients and baffle the best doctors.

Mediums are more commonly used to communicate with the spirits of the recently dead people whose relatives wish to talk with them about their experiences at the time of death. The survivors may also like to seek certain important information about the family matters which could not be made available to them due to the sudden death of the person.

Mediums talk with the spirits and reveal the secrets which are known only to the close relatives of the deceased persons. When these secretive truths are revealed, even the non-believers and agnostics are compelled to believe in the existence of the world of spirits. They also come to believe that a vital part of the body survives even after its dismemberment called death. It also proves that the human body is not composed of only five elements but is imbibed with spirit that makes it talk, act and live.


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