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Benefits of getting a clairvoyant medium reading

The term clairvoyant simply means having the ability to discern or perceive objects not present to the senses. A medium refers to someone who can channel information between the earthly world and the spiritual world. Put together, a clairvoyant medium is a term to distinguish an individual gifted with both the power to see spirits and at the same time is able to converse with them just like talking to a normal, living person.

There are some people gifted only with the ability to see images of people, living or dead, places, or objects while asleep, awake, or both. They are limited in a way that they cannot access any clear form of communication from what they see or encounter. Most people, in general, are clairvoyants when they encounter spirits through their dreams but are unable to understand its meaning or purpose. This ability is not limited to “sight” alone but extends to the other senses as well. A few people have reported smelling a fragrance favored by a departed loved one during their unguarded moments, or when they are thinking of them in quiet or turbulent times.

A medium, on the other hand, has the ability to receive information from spirits but not see them. The have this special gift to receive information from the dead in some form that they can only understand and then relay these messages to the intended recipient. Often, their messages are meant to give hope, understanding, consolation, forgiveness, and advice to the loved ones they left behind.

Clairvoyant mediums are very special individuals, indeed, because of their special affinity to the spiritual world while still existing in the physical world. Their senses are highly attuned enough to become extra sensitive to a host of emotions the ordinary person often lacks. In a way, they have the wisdom of both worlds –a character trait only found among people who have attained and ascended into a much higher plane of perception and deep understanding of people and their surroundings. They are sought out by people in need of counseling to gain enlightenment from a dearly departed one. There are some rare cases, though, that the purpose for a reading is to find answers to a paranormal event not related to them personally. This event is known as a haunting, and is often depicted in an exaggerated way in films and literary works.

A clairvoyant medium reading basically happens at the request of the living person and not the other way around. Although the spirits are in constant communication with the living, their words often fall on deaf ears due to the limitations of the average person. They may be able to have contact with a medium, but the medium cannot force the living to contact a spirit if they don’t want to. The spirits, as mediums know them to be, are more alive than any living person here on earth. Having discarded their physical bodies, they exist in a world where there is no pain, sorrow, or hardships to burden them. They offer guidance to those in need of it, regardless if they are heard or not.


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