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Becoming an Advanced Psychic Spiritual Soul

Are you curious where souls go after they leave their physical bodies? Are you one of those who played spirit glass as a child? If yes, then you have the inclination towards the thought that spirits exist with us. There are those who actually developed their skills to communicate with the dead. They are called the psychic spiritual. Psychic spirituals’ ability is a mix of science, philosophy, and religion. If you want to be like them and serve as a bridge between the spirit and the living world then you can do the following exercise to develop the psychic spiritual’s skill.


1. Study and research. You can go to a spiritualist church to familiarize yourself with the philosophy and religion. You can study their ways carefully and directly. This way you are involving yourself more and not becoming a stranger to psychic spirituals


2. Know mediumship in general. Psychic spirituals are also mediums. Study the different types of mediums and their different techniques in channeling the dead. This way you are being open with the possibilities. There are so many aspects in psychic mediumship. You can do psychic reading with the help of the spirits or be a vessel for the spirits to take over. So make sure you are known so that you are aware to what you are entering. Psychic spiritualism should never be taken lightly so doing a good amount of research can really help you.


3. Let go of all the negativities. As you develop your skill, you will be a channel for the spirits. The last thing you want is to attract negative entities. Let go of the negative thoughts and unnecessary concerns in your mind. Clearing your mind and heart can also open up spaces for new and more valuable information to get through.


4. Exercise your psychic ability on a regular basis. You should meditate on a regular basis so that you are assured that you stay connected with your inner sense. This also will give out hint that you welcome spirits to your life. This will send out a message that you are ready to serve as a channel between the living and the spirit world. In your meditation, you should always remember that your goal is to connect with the spirits and not just to take away the negative thoughts. Be sensitive to every bit of sound and movement. Do not brush off any unusual feelings. Accept everything with an open-mind and open arm.


These are just the basic steps you can do to develop your psychic spiritual skill. If you want to go the next level, you can consult a genuine psychic spiritualist that can give you guidance on what to do and what not to do. He can affirm the things you are seeing and feeling. Just always remember to not make a joke with the spirits. Treat them and your craft with respect. Do not abuse the spirits by asking too much. They can provide an ample amount of guidance that when used properly can already make a big difference in our lives.


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