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Becoming A Psychic

When you are still a child you used to watch your favorite cartoon show on TV. You are amazed with the heroes’ powers and even act like them when you are playing with your friends. You may deny it or not but once upon a time. You also wished that you have a power to fight evil and bad guys. Well, in reality, there are no people who can really run as fast as the speed of light or someone who can melt metal through lazer beamed from the eyes. Nevertheless, there are people who really have a special gift. They are simply called the psychics.

Is it easy to become psychic? What do you think? It might be really interesting if somehow you can have a special power to help other people who are in need. Those who are given with this talent may not be that happy when they first notice their skills, why? Because there are some close minded people, they will tend to outcast others who bear these special gifts. They might even tag them as freak and continue to shower them with negative feedbacks. These people are either jealous or envy them, does it have any difference? Kidding aside, even before time someone who become psychic are treated unfairly but that was before. Now, they are accepted by the society not just by common people but as well as those high ranking individuals too.

Each person walking around the planet does have their own psychic ability. However, not all of them are capable of opening and awaken their third eye. It is present at birth, and when the bearer has a strong hold on it, they are competent to practice this until they are old enough to use it. There are also some who didn’t notice it until it is triggered by a certain event or phenomena. Even so, not all people who want to become psychic are as fortunate as the other two. Most of those who wants to have it, obtain it by giving all they have and hard work or even sacrifice.

Anyone who wants to become psychic is possible if they will undergo a proper training. Of course, they need to have a master or a psychic teacher when they do it that will also be served as their proper guide or they can do it on their own. Familiarizing with the given spiritual disciplines are very important. They should become a keen observer, not just by their surroundings but most especially on their self. They must have a clear mind and a clear will.

It must be also clear to the psychic trainee to know why they want to have powers. Is it because they want to help themselves, others or both? When you are already in the training process, it is also important to know what kind of psychic power you want. Remember, there are different psychic abilities and skills that are present. And each of these gifts requires deeper responsibilities and understanding as well as control.


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