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Basic Information You Need to Know About a Clairvoyant

What is a clairvoyant?


A clairvoyant is basically a person who has the ability to gather and perceive intuitive knowledge and information through the use of their mind’s eye or the third eye. A third eye is located on a psychic’s forehead, at the middle, just between the eyebrows.


There are other ways that you can receive information with:


- clairsentience

- clairaudience

- claircognizance

- clairgustance

- clairolfaction


For your information, all clairvoyants are psychics but not all psychics are clairvoyants as they have their own ways and methods to gather and receive intuitive knowledge and information about certain people, places, things and events.


Would I be able to open my own third eye?


Yes, you could open your third eye vision by actually regularly trying to visualize things through your mind and by meditating everyday for 10 to 20 minutes. These are the only ways to develop and nurture your third eye visions so you could use them to “see” the unseen.


Would the third eye be able to let me know about things and events that could happen in the future?


Yes, and no. Yes because the third eye could give the clairvoyant a glimpse of what the future holds and what it might bring to certain people. But the information and knowledge won’t be very clear and precise in the head of the clairvoyant. Visions are never clear as they could be blurred images, words, symbols, colors and numbers and it is only up to the interpreting ability of the psychic or clairvoyant to decipher the message behind the blurred vision.


And no, because not all visions speak about the future, sometimes it tells the clairvoyant something about a certain person’s past life, past activities, and current state. They see all kinds of information and knowledge that sometimes they see something significant from the past that might have a negative or a positive effect to the future.


Here are some of the signs that you are a clairvoyant:


1. You see visual flashes that only psychics are able to see. No, this does not mean that you are going crazy but most of the time, you notice flashes of light and colors in your head, or sometimes it could be in the form of:


- floating and glowing orbs

- the colored auras that you see around individuals

- shadows

- flashing lights

- subtle light movement from the corner of your eyebrows


Do not fear as this could only be your Spirit Guides or the spirit of a family member who just passed away, ready to guide you and help you gather and collect intuitive knowledge and information about certain people.


2. You seem to easily drift off in a daydream most of the time. This is considered as a visualization exercise and it is very important that you practice it because visualization plays a big part in clairvoyance.


3. You seem to have a good sense of direction. Do not take this literally as this could mean that you do know what you want in life, and you know how you can get it. You know your ways and you know which path in life to take in order to succeed and be happy.


4. You can vision out things in your head. You plan things in your head and your vision everything in it as well. You already see how a vacation is going to look like even if it is still a few weeks ahead.

5. You have a very vivid imagination and your used to have imaginary friends when you were a kid.


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