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Basic Facts Regarding Horoscopes and Astrology

For centuries, man has always been mesmerized, and awed by the influence of distant cosmic objects and planets such as the stars, the sun, moon and the planets. According to adherents of astrology (the study of the influence of cosmic objects on people’s lives) say that these celestial bodies have a major effect on the individual’s personality, and it can even affect their economic or social fortunes, and even  their romantic relationships. Let’s look at the basic tenets of astrology. 

Horoscopes and AstrologyThe Sun-Sign Astrology

When people look at the zodiac sign, or horoscope, they often look at the 12 constellations.  This is probably the most common form of astrology, the one that you usually find in newspapers and magazines. This is the simplest form of astrology, and it’s called the “Sun-Sign” astrology. Why is it so simple? Well, because it contains nothing more than the date f the persons’ birthday, and contains information on the person’s character, as well as his or her possible fortunes.   The zodiac signs encircle, or surround the earth, and are also identified by their grouping of stars (which are often depicted or outlined as the symbols of each zodiac sign). All the 12 zodiac signs generally indicate the different characteristics of the person.

The Different Sub-Branches Of Western astrology

The East and the West have different interpretations of astrology. In the West, there are different philosophies and methods for explaining and analyzing astrology.  For example, there’s this field called “Mundane” astrology, which is commonly used to analyze world events, as well as make predictions about economic matters, world affairs and even wars. “Interrogatory” Astrology is a branch that seeks to make predictions, or analysis about the objectives, or events in a person’s life.”Natal” Astrology on the other hand, makes predictions and analysis based on the date of the individual’s birth.

How Do Astrologers Make n Accurate Horoscope Reading?

According to veteran horoscope analysts, in order to produce a more accurate astrology reading, the reader often checks what sign each planet was, during the birth of the individual. The planets, as well as the signs, combine or are related to other elements, in order to create or form a profile of the individual’s personality, life, and future prospects.

Most astrologers today divide the zodiac chart into 12 equal regions, and then assign zodiac names to each zone or division. This format was believed to have been developed around 4000 BC, and is referred to as the “sidereal” zodiac. Some astrologers also utilize what’s called a “Tropical” zodiac, wherein the sign’s positions are linked or related to the different seasons.  There’s actually no established or unified theory or idea about astrology, as different cultures practice their own astrology forms. The cultures in the East, (or in Asia) follow a different chart, with the Vedic, Tibetan and Chinese zodiac being the most popular and commonly-used.  The personality descriptions, whether in the Eastern or Western zodiac, are often generalized, and are only meant to be for informative purposes, and should not be used as a basis for more serious judgments or analysis.



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