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Baba Vanga, a Bulgarian clairvoyant

Baba Vanga was a renowned and a prominent Bulgarian clairvoyant, psychic and herbalist. She resided in the Kozhuh mountains in Bulgaria. When she was born on January 31, 1911, she was premature and had health conditions, the midwife had to wait before they name her until she was likely to survive. When she did, she was given the name Vangelia, a popular name for Bulgarians that it was taken from Evangelos which is a Greek name.  

She was an average child but she was considered to be intellectual and her propensity to heal and foretell events were surfacing while she was playing with her friends. Her father was a Bulgarian activist and was drafted to serve the Bulgarian army during the World War I. Vanga’s mother died shortly after her father left, leaving her into the custody and care of her neighbors and friends of their family. After the war, her father came back and thought of relocating to Serbia with Vanga and there he remarried.

When she twelve years old, she was carried into the air by a tornado and catapulted her in a nearby area. When she was found, she was very scared and her eyes were concealed with dust and sand. She couldn’t open her eyes as it was painful for her and they needed to do a surgery to heal the damages but they do not have enough money for the full operation resulting to the gradual loss of her eyesight.

During the World War II, Vanga gained popularity with her ability to foresee the future and to heal the sick. People go to her to ask about their relatives, whether or not they are still alive, or when their deaths will be.

In 1942, she married a Bulgarian soldier named Dimitar Gushterov. They moved to Petrich, a province in the southwestern part of Bulgaria, where she instantly became well-known for her psychic abilities. After her husband was sent to war in Greece, he got ill and then slipped into alcoholism. He died on the 1st of April 1962. After the death of her husband, different people of different status such as Bulgarian politicians and high leaders and dignitaries of various Soviet governments sought her counsel and advice.

Baba Vanga died of Breast Cancer on the 11th of August 1996. But before she died, she said that her abilities would be passed on to a French girl, who was ten years old and was living in France. She believed that she will continue what she had started. In her last will, she mentioned that she wanted her house in Petrich to be converted and altered into a public museum.

People from all over the world believed that she possesses and controls paranormal and psychic abilities. She was known to be the Nostradamus of the Balkans. She had predicted a lot of events, though some has not come yet, here is a list.

  1. The 44th president of the United States would be of African-American descent.

Alas, Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States and he is indeed of the African-American descent. That was accurate. But Baba Vanga had also seen that he would be the last president of the USA. She mentioned that he would step down when the country is in an economic crisis and there is a huge separation and division between the southern and the northern states.


  1. Europe will discontinue to exist

Baba Vanga said that Europe will be nothing more than a wasteland and empty spaces with no signs of life existing. She had noted that chemical weapons would be used to destroy and annihilate Europe by extremists.


  1. China will become stronger

She had foreseen that China will become stronger and would bring the end to the reign of the United States as one of the best developed countries. Fair enough, in 2011, the IMF or the International Monetary Fund had forecasted about the economy of China to move past the economy the United States in 2016, growing in strength and becoming well established. Baba Vnaga also mentioned that the developed nations will take its turn to be the exploited nations (third world countries).


  1. Muslims will permeate Europe

Baba Vanga had foreseen the invasion of Muslims in Europe and that the extremists will vanquish and annihilate the country, with the use of expansive extermination such as chemical weapons, until it discontinues existing. She had also foreseen the Great Muslim War in Syria.


  1. Expunged hunger

According to Baba Vanga, the world’s problem with hunger and famishment will be wiped out around the years 2025 to 2028.


  1. Migrating to Venus

She predicted the possibility of the humans to actually travel to Venus and set up a localized population and civilization in the planet, in search for new sources of energy and life.


  1. Cloning of organs

Baba Vanga predicted the possibility of having the organs in our body cloned for easier medication and treatment.


  1. Rome to be the capital of a Muslim leader

By 2043, she mentioned that after the invasion in Europe, Rome will be turned against Christianity and will be the capital of the Muslim leader.


  1. The United States will strike back and bring back Christianity

By 2066, the United Stated will invent and fabricate a climate change weapon that they will use against the Muslims to try and get back Rome and bring back Christianity.


  1. Communism and its return

By 2076, Europe and the rest of the world will be ruled by communism.


  1. Underwater society

According to Baba Vanga, by 2130, with the assistance of aliens, the people will learn to live and adapt underwater.


  1. Melting ice

By 2045, Baba Vanga mentioned the ice caps will melt entirely. This is supported and believed by the people as the ice caps are already currently melting due to global warming.


  1. Earth’s death

By 3797, it has been prophesized by Baba Vanga that everything on Earth will be gone and the Earth itself will cease to exist. Though, she did mention that the advancement of the people will let them move and survive in a new solar system.

Baba Vanga did make a lot more of predictions during her 50 years as a clairvoyant and herbalist; she even mentioned that time travel would be possible between the years 2262 to 2304, some new diseases to develop without cure by 2088, and a lot more.

Today, the Russian people have honored her prophecies by producing and directing a movie about her life including interviews from people who had actually had a consultation with her. And also, a documentary and study had been dedicated by the Bulgarian government to finding out if she actually possesses supernatural powers as her capabilities are superb and cunningly interesting. Almost 85% of her prophecies were accurate and genuine.



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