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Aztec Astrology Signs

Aztec Astrology  

Aztec astrology signs are:-

Crocodile, Wind, House, Lizard, Serpent, Owl, Deer, Rabbit, Water, Flower, Monkey, Grass, Reed, Eagle, Vulture, Earthquake, Flint, Rain, Dog and Jaguar.



People are dynamic and pushy, have leadership qualities, but are little snappy and hate to be suspected and rejected. 



Windies are highly mobile, moody, fast and changing. They hate to be browbeaten by competitors, but can be jovial and soothing when in right frame of mind.



House people are domestic and family lovers. They are firm, stable, balanced, warm, caring and also a bit conservative. They are slow builders and enjoy the fruits of their patience over the time.



Lizards are great starters. They think and plan big and tenaciously stick to their aims and goals. They are full of live wire energy and are very charming and seductive.



Serpents are highly agile, mobile and flexible. They are powerful, intense, passionate, skillful, charming and magnificent and spell-binding.  They are great survivors against heavy odds.



 Although much maligned and feared, owls are, in fact, thoroughly gentle, innocent and conscientious people. They are highly conscious of their concerns and obligations about the people they live with.



Agile, lovely, mobile and generous by nature, deers enjoy giving more than taking. They love and cherish their family members. They also provide support to their relatives and neighbors, but do not go beyond this.



Rabbits beam with zeal and energy. They are highly ambitious, restless, hyperactive and always on the wheel. Their liveliness is contagious and therefore, they are mostly seen with lots of admirers around them.



Highly adjusting, always happy and optimistic, water people are very talented, imaginative, sensitive, responsible and intelligent. They are intuitive, almost psychic and have a keen eye for detail.



Stubborn by nature, flower people are very ambitious and demanding. They are highly sensitive and are easily hurt even by well-meaning remarks. It is, sometimes, difficult to get along smoothly with them.



Monkeys are nimble, agile, sometimes mischievous and with a wicked sense of humor. They are haughty, clannish, skillful and talented people. They always try to remain in the center of action.



Grass people are soft, tolerant, sociable, considerate and kind souls. They attract a lot of friends and admirers. They are generally very ambitious and are highly focused, determined and talented.,



Leading, just, honest, sincere, helpful and result oriented, reed people love to uphold the causes of the poor, needy and the downtrodden. They are very popular with their friends and followers.



Fiercely independent, watchful, ambitious, agile and high flying, eagles cannot easily agree with others, but sometimes, they flinch and draw back under the challenging conditions.



Vultures command huge following due to their redoubtable intelligence and razor sharp judgment. They are powerful, insightful and yet humorous and witty people.



Earthquake people are always ahead of their times. They are very helpful, witty, skillful, resourceful, focused people. They are very stubborn and do not change their track easily.



Flints are energetic, hardworking, no non-sense and business like people.  They keep their head and heart at their place and do not nourish impracticable ambitions.



Rain people are very generous and helpful. They are uncalculating and do not think much before giving. They are, therefore, quite popular with the people.



Dogs are faithful, sincere, sensitive, lovable, loyal and domestic people. Nonetheless, they are very demanding in attention and care of those they live with.



Very agile, powerful, warm and soothing, jaguars are very sharp-minded, keen-eyed and yet very comforting and helpful. But you should really be careful about your words before speaking with them. 


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