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AZTEC ASTROLOGY - The Different God and Deities of Aztecs

Aztecs are the indigenous group living in Central Mexico during the 14th and 16th century. They speak the language called Nahuatl, which means Aztlan people. Aztlan is a mythological place. The heart of Aztec civilization was Valley of Mexico from the 13th century. They have many gods and deities that guide them. Knowing these gods and deities is important to have inkling how the Aztecs live.

Chalchihuitlicue - She is the goddess of water. Her blessings extend to all water forms, from oceans to rivers. She also guides childbirth, as she is the goddess of women in labor.

Cihuateteo - Chalchihuitlicue is the goddess of childbirth while Cihuateteo is the one who guides those women who died because giving birth.

Chantico - She is called as the one who lives in the house. She is in control of fire and volcanoes and other personal treasures.

Citlalicue - Her power extends in outer space. She is the goddess of celestial bodies, like the stars.

Itztlacoliuhqui-Ixquimilli - He is the god of justice. His power extends to all sins and punishment. He is also called the Curved Point of Obsidian.

Tecciztecati - He is the male persona of the moon.

Tepeyolloti - He is the god of the mountains. His guidance extends to all that is inside of mountains. This include all animals, caves, and even echoes and earthquakes.

Tezcatlipoca - He is the god of change. He imposes change through contradiction. He is also known to be the god of time and history.

Tlaloc - He is the god of thunder and lightning. His power extends to rain and fertility. He can command floods or even droughts.

Tlaltecuhtli - He is the god of Earth. All the lands are beneath him.

Xochipili - He is also called the Flower prince. His guidance extends to all that blooms like flowers. He is also in-charge of feast, pleasure, extravagance, and creativity.


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