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Astrology Reading To Guide Your Path

Astrology plays a role in our destiny. We are keen to know what our future will be. How to make things and life easier. Even matters of the heart are usually asked using our astrology. Astrology reading gives us a deeper understanding that we actually can’t grasp well.

You can have free astrology readings online regarding happiness, luck, love, wealth career and others. If you want to be more specific what you want to know, be certain on what to ask. To guide you in astrology reading, here’s an overview in general all about you and your life ahead for the days, weeks, months and year ahead. Furthermore, your astrological signs reveal the meaning for deeper understanding. And since everyone wants a positive vibes, below are the lucky things for the zodiac signs. This is part of astrological reading.

Aries- your luck day is Tuesday and lucky color is red. Diamond is your gem but could also be any red stones

Taurus – your lucky number is 6, lucky day Friday and lucky color is blue. Jewels are Sapphire and Emerald.

Gemini precious gem is Agate, color is silver white and pale blue and day is Wednesday

Cancer is lucky with number 2, lucky day is Monday. Colors are white and Green.

Leo holds the number 1 and 4. Lucky day during Sundays and attracts positively in colors orange and shades of green.

Virgo has a lucky number of 5, lucky day is Tuesday, color is Silver Grey and Jewel is Jade

Libra’s lucky number is 6 and finds luck during Fridays. Gem is Opal and color is Blue

Scorpio is lucky during Tuesday with lucky number of 9, color is Red and Aquamarine for the Jewels or any red stones like the Aries.

Sagittarius -Number 3 is the lucky number, Thursday is the lucky day, color purple and Amethyst and Topaz for the Jewels.

Capricorn- 8 is the lucky number; dark brown and deep purple is the lucky color while the gem is Ruby

Aquarius- makes your day during Saturdays. Lucky number is 4 and 8 and dark colors are lucky colors for you. Precious jewel that will bring you luck is Ruby.

Pisces- Pisceans lucky day is Thursday and comes along with lucky color of Purple. Try your luck with numbers 3 and 7 and Jewel is Amethyst.

It is great to know that since our forefathers’ times, astrological reading is practiced to explain on some things that are beyond our naked eyes. Although, the world is now influenced with modern technologies around, still astrological readings are presented in a modern way too through online. You can select of free of charge or of paid. Astrological meanings are guaranteed service to know more about queries in our mind about the past present and the future. Though no one can hold the future, astrological reading has a purpose to direct one’s path. It is through in depth study that astrologers learn things about the forces affecting one’s life and what to do to improve one’s journey.


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