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Astrology And Present Days

The alignment of the stars and the planets is said to determine the future and character of a person – this is called astrology. This, however, should not be confused with being able to predict the future. Eastern astrology is known to have greater accuracy, as it is event oriented and can let you know what happened in the past and how it can possibly affect your future. The most rampant use of horoscopic astrology is to analyze a person’s birth chart to read his psychological traits, his character, and his destiny.


Origin of Astrology


Astrology during the Arab era is where Western astrology originated, but the Greeks enhanced it based on some fundamental ideas developed in Babylon. This type of astrology from the Greeks came to be known as “genethlialic,” which is what we are familiar with in the present day.  The reasons why people believe in astrology vary. Psychologists who studied their customers say they are satisfied with predictions even if sometimes they are quite vague.


Astrology is the indubitably the most popular of all “pseudosciences” and also the oldest. In the past 30 years, the psychological approach has grown to a greater extent since astrologers have developed their counseling skills. Astrologers believe the positions of the planets, sun, and moon during a person’s birth have an influence on his character.


Celebrities and even presidents who believe in astrology or the horoscope helps in selling the authenticity of these predictions even if scientists continue to disagree. To fully understand the reason why people turn to astrology, horoscopes, and similar devices, psychologists conducted a research.


Reasons Why Modern People Consult Horoscopes


Humans have a natural tendency to believe in mysticisms due to the aspiration of wanting to control life’s uncertainties. People experience life’s difficult situations and oftentimes come across circumstances that involve important decisions. To escape chaotic experiences, people consult fortune tellers or check their horoscopes daily to find the answers they need.


Horoscopes may often be general and vague, but people can still put meaning to it by analyzing the prediction and likening it to a certain situation that happened within the day.  When a person finds the answer they are looking for in a horoscope, they may resort to this method more often.


There are some astrologers who create forecasts for a specific genre, like celebrity horoscopes for gossip magazines and romance horoscopes for women’s magazines. These can be fun to read and some readers enjoy perusing this section of the publication. These astrological columns may or may not come from valid predictors, but bringing entertainment to their audience is their ultimate goal.


Another reason why people read their horoscope is simply out of habit. If they started reading them when they were younger, or if their parents read them during breakfast, there is a tendency for them to continue the practice when they get older. There may also be a chance that the person reading them has become very reliant with the astrological prediction and they refuse to proceed with the rest of their day without consulting the daily column in newspapers.

Before, individuals who would seek astrological advice would risk getting ridiculed. Nowadays, horoscopes have now been accepted by the general public and are available in books, newspapers, magazines, and a variety of other sources.  These sources usually provide daily, monthly, or annual predictions. The internet alone has a massive amount of astrology websites to browse in and those interested can sign up for daily horoscopes to be sent via e-mail or their mobile phones. These horoscopes have definitely given guidance and entertainment to individuals who need them.


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