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Astrology - What Do The Stars Say About You

Astrology history began during the ancient Babylonians time. The meanings of celestial bodies started the astrological principles.  Astrological beliefs and methods influenced and spread to other countries. It is a belief that its a reflection of what is happening in heaven. We are highly guided by the forces of the nature. Celestial bodies positioning greatly affects our lives.

Astrology is known as divination through understanding of celestial bodies. Mystics and intriguing wraps it up because a continuous study is done to understand one’s life perfectly. Astrology often associated with the stars but it is the planets are the focused of the study. It is a combined forced of science, numbers and mystery.

Horoscope is divided in 12 equal dimensions with forces influencing within. There are 4 Branches of Horoscopic Astrology:

Natal- This is based on one’s birth date. This system determines life occurrences through the date, time and where they are born. Specific explanations about one’s individuality are characterized in natal chart. This is more specific in reading one’s characteristics. It depicts on one’s unique personality. The interpretation is for the subject alone based on the positions of the sun, moon, and planets during the time you are born.

Electional- If you are planning “when event” this is widely used. It determines the right time to pursue one’s plan like wedding, business trip, business opening, relocation and son on. It answers the question when. Astrologers believed that certain things must happen at the right time to have a better outcome. That’s why well planned events are usually successful. Astrologers carefully study the positioning of celestial bodies to know the right time when to make actions of the plan. Right love at the wrong time? It is certainly the positioning of your celestial bodies is quite not right for you.

Horary – If you are seeking answers for a particular question, horary is used. Its restriction is the answer given is based on the time the question is raised. Astrologers do have now modern way of talking to the audience. Though some are electronic mail, the questions can not reply soon for they are not read the time you asked such questions. The astrologers and the querent should be at the same place at the same time to have an accurate answer that you are looking for.

Mundane- This applies worldwide. Heard of Nostradamus? He predicts some of the major disasters on earth.  Mundane is a Latin word meaning “The World”. This astrology approaches on great events or affairs worldwide. This is ancient practiced that events are predicted through the planet’s revolution on its orbit. This is national horoscope because the subject is not an individual but the whole nation. Some astrologers predict of coming catastrophe like earthquakes, tsunami, floods and other similar forms. Political astrology is a Mundane branch which tackles on politics and government.

Astrology plays a vital role in our lives. It is an ancient practice that we still embrace even in modern era. This is somewhat complex to understand but through deeper study and extensive research, a future has a clearer vision.


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