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Are you psychic?

Have you ever thought of being a psychic and possessing psychic abilities? Have you ever experienced deja vu and have accurate and realistic instinct and intuition and you just brush it off as a coincidence? Most of us have had a paranormal experience, did you overlook yours or did you try to dig deeper to know more about the spiritual realm?


Long ago, people thought of psychics as evil and wicked people who are into witchcraft, sorcery and black magic. But today, psychics are acknowledged by a lot of people who believe and have faith in their psychic abilities. They are able to help people who are confused and troubled with their lives and they are able to help them make a hard but correct decision.


How would you actually know if you are a psychic or if ever you possess psychic abilities?


  1. You are very intuitive

So how could you even tell that you have a higher degree of intuition unlike any other person around you? Well, this is when you can tell who is calling on you mobile phone before you even check on the screen or answer the call, or it could be when you just know that something bad will happen that day you are attending a Rihanna concert and it turns out right.


  1. You are very familiar with deja vu as it happens to you very often

You always feel like you have experienced a certain thing or have been to a certain place even though you know in yourself that you haven’t. This is usually when you feel like a person, a location, or something seems very familiar to you.


  1. You get visions every now and then

You often get glimpses of what might happen in the near future and what could take place in an event that is happening in a week from now.


  1. You tend to follow your gut instincts and it always turns out to be precise and correct

yo always follow your gut feeling and you never regretted doing so. You just know that you have to stay away from a certain place or person.


  1. You have experienced telepathy

This is when you somehow feel like you can read other people’s minds and also send information to them without even talking and you feel like your mind could connect to someone else’s mind.


  1. You have experienced an excellent degree and scope of prophecy and presentiment

Try to recall a time when you just know that something will happen, like for example, you know that the house at the corner of the street will be caught on fire or a big destructive storm will come in the city or that your friend will be wed on a certain month.


  1. You get information and details about something if you touch a certain thing

This is called as Psychometry and it allows people who have the ability to feel or experience the life or the story behind who or what he or she is touching. If you have this ability, you will be able to see, smell, taste or hear certain things when you touch a person or a thing.


  1. Your dreams are vivid and realistic

Psychics get vivid and detailed dreams that they could remember when they wake up from their slumber. Usually these dreams mean something relevant to the psychic or to the people around them. Sometimes, these dreams serve as visions and it may mean something in real life.


  1. You immediately feel when there is trouble

You get a feeling of anxiety and worry when you feel like something bad is going to happen to someone who is very dear to you.



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