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Are Psychics Real?

A psychic is a person who uses their extrasensory perception to gather and accumulate information from a wholly different realm or from energy or vibrations of people, places and events. These people perform mysterious and inexplicable acts that are not explainable and supported by the natural laws. A lot of people believe in psychics and with their abilities and the things that they could do, even though psychic abilities and matters does not bear any scientific explanation and justification.

Seers and prophets are believed to be the early psychics that existed long before the term ‘psychic’ was invented. They possess the abilities of foretelling the future and the fortune of the people; they could also tell insights about a person’s life by the use of astrology and predict events with various divinations.

Belief in psychic

It was reported in the year 1990 that a survey was conducted among the members of the NAS or the National Academy of Sciences.

2% - extrasensory perception had been demonstrated scientifically

2% - the incident just happened sometimes

22% - thinks that psychics should be discouraged

63% - thinks that psychic activities should be allowed but not encouraged

10% - thinks that psychics should be encouraged


A few known beliefs that are related to being a psychic are:

1. Anyone can be psychics – and that it can be activated, as long as you let yourself be active enough with the studying various techniques, methods and practices such as meditation.

2. Psychic ability is hereditary – and it is believed that a psychic parent can pass their abilities and gifts to their children.

Psychic power

Psychic power is a psychic’s ability or gift that allows them to gather information with using the five senses of normal human beings. They get this information without any logical sense or thought process.

Types of psychic powers

  1. Aura reading – ability to read through the energy field that surrounds the people, places and things.

  2. Clairvoyance – ability to read the natural force by seeing numbers and symbols mentally. Also referred to as the third eye.

  3. Clairsentience – ability to understand emotions, feelings and sensations.

  4. Clairaudience – ability to hear sounds and music that the physical ear couldn’t hear.

  5. Mediumship – ability to connect and communicate with spirits, souls of the dead and other paranormal creatures such as demons and angels.

  6. Precognition – ability to foretell future events and happenings.

  7. Retrocognition – ability to see through the past and the events that happened in the past of a person, place or thing.

  8. Psychometry – ability to collect and obtain information and knowledge by touching a person or a thing.

How to develop psychic powers

  1. Acknowledge

You have to acknowledge that the ability is there and that you have the capabilities to be a psychic. Reading articles, books, biographies and other printed material could help you absorb knowledge and compare your reading with your own experiences.


  1. Practice

This is your ‘growth’ stage ad this is where you’ll learn to connect with auras, vibrations, spirits and the likes. Make time for practice and make sure the environment is quiet and you’ll be able to meditate and clear your thoughts.


  1. Concentrate

Learn to focus your mind on the things that you want to develop. Hear and see the information that is being relayed unto you. Don’t ask why you are receiving it, just accept that you are receiving it.


  1. Predict

Practice predicting small things first like who might be at the other end of the line when someone calls your landline. Start small, you’ll get there.


  1. Sense

Try borrowing or holding a friend’s valuable belonging like a ring or a necklace, hold it tight and make yourself feel the object and take note if you envision, hear or feel something. Ask your friend if what you saw, heard or felt was true, that is how you'll be able to verify your reading through sensing objects.


  1. Welcome your gift

Verify your experiences and don’t forget to take note. As time passes by, you’ll be able to embrace and have faith on your abilities and eventually you’ll be confident enough to flaunt your skills.


  1. Meditate

You might want to spend 10 minutes every day for meditation. Just be in a quiet place and breath and connect with yourself.  Let the thoughts and ideas flow.



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