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Are psychics and mediums real?

This is actually a common question for people who haven’t tried reaching out to psychics and mediums  for a reading. They have no idea how these gifted people can help them with their worries and concerns and somehow give them hope and enlightenment that they can be better people.


But let us all admit that in the back of our minds, we doubt every psychics’ and mediums’ abilities and most of us think that they are frauds, scammers and charlatans and things won’t change until you try to book your first reading with a legitimate, authentic and genuine psychic or medium. By then, you will realize that they are real and that there are people in this world who are gifted, skilled and accomplished in something that not everyone could do.


So yes, absolutely, psychics and mediums are real and they exist in every corner of our tangible world.


But there are fake psychics and mediums, yes?


Yes, of course. A lot of people claim that they have psychic and medium abilities but actually don’t. They actually have the intention of ripping their clients off and deceiving innocent people for their selfishness and personal gains. You should be careful all the time when booking for psychic and medium readings and you should know how a genuine psychic and medium acts and speaks. To be honest, if you haven’t had and availed a reading yet then you will have a hard time distinguishing if the psychic who is in front of you is legitimate or fake.


So how would you be able to identify and spot a principled and reputable psychic and medium and their accuracy?


Okay, first, you have to trust your own intuition. Try to sense the aura of the psychic by focusing and looking at him or her, then you will immediately know if he or she is trustworthy and reliable. If you are comfortable with the psychic before you then proceed with the reading but if you feel like something is off or wrong then you can go ahead and look for another psychic to have a reading with.


Next, make sure to ask for referrals from your friends and family members and make sure that the certain psychic or medium whom they will recommend has great feedback and reviews from these people. With this, it will make you more confident in having a reading with the psychic or medium as it was recommended to you by someone close to you and that you know you will have a genuine reading.


Then, once you are engaged in the reading, make sure to take notes of what the psychic has to tell you. Genuine and authentic psychics should be able to tell you something about your future and they should be able to give you useful insights and advices that you could use in order to make yourself better. Genuine and authentic mediums should be able to establish a connect between out world and the spirit world and to go through it in search for the spirit of the client’s loved on or friend and they should be able to gather and relay messages.


Always remember that genuine and legitimate psychics and mediums will never tell you that you are cursed and that you have to buy special charms and potions and other stuff that would release you from any curse and evil doings.


Also, remember that there is no reading that would be 100% accurate as the future changes and it will all depend on your choice as to what path you will take or what big decisions you will make. It all depends on you.

You will know that the reading is accurate when the psychic was able to predict your current situation, that you already know of, and was able to provide useful advices that you could use to overcome your current state. Also, if you feel comfortable, empowered and inspired with your life then you just received a good reading from a genuine psychic.


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