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Are Online Psychics Real?

Yes, online psychics are real and they exist today because a lot of psychic companies were able to establish and start their business online by creating and founding their own websites, web pages and hot lines and are able to function well with the use of the internet. These online psychic companies are hiring psychic from different towns, cities and countries and bring them together in the company so that people could call their potential clients from various parts of the world could call their hotline, pay via their credit cards and have a reading with one of their many psychics.


Why would you want to get a psychic reading online?


For one, online psychic readings are more convenient and favorable for both clients and psychics as you would not have to prepare and leave your house, drive around town and face the traffic jam just to show up for a scheduled face-to-face reading with your psychic. All you will have to do is to mentally prepare for the reading and make sure that your mind is clear before proceeding with the reading, open your laptops or computers at home or pick up your home phone and dial the hot line so you would be able to speak to psychic from the website.


Second, you would be able to tell if your chosen psychic online is a legitimate and authentic psychic by listening to them for the first five minutes while they tell you facts and truths about yourself. Yes, online psychics are also able to connect with your energy and aura even if you are miles apart and when they do, that is when they are bale to receive intuitive information and knowledge about you. With this, you could be at ease that they are not fraudulent people who are just taking advantage of the vulnerable and gullible people who wants an online psychic reading.


Third, as a client you would be more comfortable speaking about sensitive and embarrassing topics with your chosen psychic as you aren’t speaking with each other personally and face-to-face. There is a larger possibility that you are more comfortable to discuss anything that you desire to ask when you speak over the phone or through email messaging as there should not be anything that could make you feel as if someone is judging you.


In all honesty, online psychic readings could be more productive and fruitful than upfront and personal readings as you could be yourself when speaking to a genuine psychic, rather when you have to meet personally as there is a lot of thing s that you should be conscious and worried about.


There are three best ways to have an online psychic reading that you could get the most out of and these ways are:


1. Phone readings


In phone readings, you will have to speak with a psychic whom you have felt like speaking with from the psychic company’s website. Your payment will be via your credit card or debit card so you will have to surrender some of your personal details like your first name and last name, country, postcode, phone number and credit card details over the phone before proceeding with the reading.

2. Email readings


In email readings, you get to establish a form with your personal details, submit your credit card information for the payment and proceed in choosing a psychic who is online and whom you can send your questions and email to and then you patiently wait for their response.


3. Live chat readings

In live chat readings, you will have the opportunity to enter a chat room and choose a psychic whom you want to speak with and have a chat with them. There is no need for you to call or speak to them, they would be able to connect to you just by focusing on their energies.


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