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Are Humans Born with Psychic Power?

Psychics have both been praised, and reviled at times, for their supernatural abilities.  They have been sought after by people for advice and guidance on a wide array of life issues.  However,  they too have been criticised for being unconventional or weird.  Majority of psychic researchers though agree that each individual is born with some form of psychic skill or power.  The sad thing however, is that more than 90 percent of us do not know that we have one, or we either fail to unleash these exciting potentials. Here's a brief look at the debate on whether we humans are born with psychic powers.

Some Studies Have Shown That A Few People Can Sense Future Events

In a recent study conducted by a magician-turned psychologist, it was indicated that some people do have psychic abilities which allow them to sense and see future events.  Nine different tests were conducted by Prof. Daryl Bem of New York's Cornell University, involving almost a thousand volunteers. In one test, the volunteers were provided a list of words to memorise, after which they were asked to recall them.  The test noted that most were able to recall the words.  In another test, the respondents were shown two images covered by curtains on a computer screen, and each were asked to select which one had a concealed erotic photograph.  Majority of the respondents correctly chose the curtain which contained the picture, and the professor notes that this could be more than just coincidence.

How To Develop Your Psychic Power At Home

If you are serious in developing your psychic abilities at home, here are a number of useful suggestions to follow.  First, practice meditating, so you will be able to absorb more positive energies and affirmations, which can help in enhancing your paranormal skills.  While meditating will not directly enhance a person's psychic skills, it will certainly aid in giving the person the right mindset for unleashing his or her natural psychic skills.  Next, practice visualisation exercises.  Try to think of an image of an object or person or another living thing, and examine it very closely.  This exercise should help train the mind to focus, and to have a clear sense of things.  Third, when meditating, try to reach into the deepest recesses of your mind, and look out for any instance where you had a psychic vision of sorts.  If you sense any visions, whether real or perceived, and you remember how to replicate it, you'll slowly be able to strengthen your psychic aptitudes.

The techniques for developing your psychic powers and abilities are very much doable, although they will do require a lot of patience, hard work and a lot of positivity.  And when cultivating your psychic skills using the various methods mentioned, you need to be consistent in your approach, so that you'll be able to completely harness those innate psychic skills inside of you, and you'll be responsible in using them afterward as well.



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