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Are free readings possible?

Yes, free readings are possible. All you have to do is search for online psychic companies and see if they offer free readings. Some companies might have promotions on the time of your search, some may have the “first reading is free!” policy and some might have the “first 3-minutes are free!” strategy.


So there are possible free readings that you can get, just do thorough research or ask a friend or a family member about where you can avail one. They might know where to find a reliable and trustworthy psychic company with legitimate, authentic and competitive psychics.


Why would psychic or psychic companies give out free readings?


This is probably because these psychics and psychic companies would like their services to be known and spread out. Why give free readings, you ask? Well because free readings will lure and attract more people than just offering the services on its regular rate. People can be excited and interested once they see or know of the free reading that they might get once they inquire or call the psychic’s number. Who doesn’t want a free reading anyway?


Also, it is a company’s strategy to give out something for free, give their best services or products and have those new clients coming back for more. If the people who have tried a free reading from the company or from an online psychic and got satisfied and happy with the free reading then the possibility of them calling back and paying for a lot of readings in the future is most likely.


Free readings aren’t just for the clients’ benefit but also for the psychic and the psychic companies. Free readings have been used to promote the services being and to attract and tempt other people to try it out.


Are free readings as accurate as paid readings?


Well, this could be a yes and a no.


Why yes? Because if a certain company or psychic is using the free reading as a promotional advertisement to market and publicize their services then it would be best if they give their 100% even if it is just a free reading. They will perform with their best because they know that potential clients are on the line and the psychic must do everything in his or her willpower and ability to make customers stay on the line, be happy and satisfied with the service and come back again in a few days or a few weeks for another reading.


And why no? Because some psychics are frauds and charlatans and all they care about are website views and visits. Some online psychics and psychic companies just don’t care or do not even know how to take care of their customers and treat them right. There are lots of people who will do their best to scam or trick other people so beware with these kinds of people.


How would you know if a psychic is legitimate and authentic?

To find an authentic and genuine psychic, you should your gut feeling or our own intuitive awareness. Once you get to meet up or talk to a certain psychic then you will eventually know, even if it is your first time talking to or seeing them, you will know if they are to be trusted or not. Also, listen to your family members and friends, if they have tried having a reading before, try taking their advices on who to see and which psychic to contact for a reading. Their referrals would mean so much because you trust them that they would only want the you to get the best reading. Just keep in mind that future changes and there are just so many things that can happen to change it. Therefore, there are no 100% accurate psychics.


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