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Are clairvoyants real?

If you are going to ask if clairvoyants exist, yes they do. There are plenty of people in this tangible world who claim that they possess psychic capabilities and clairvoyance is one of the most common psychic abilities. Clairvoyants are real and you can try doing your research about them, what they do and how they showcase their skills, and if you feel like having a reading then go look for the nearest clairvoyant in your area and book a reading. See for yourself.


But if you are going to ask about the accuracy and realness of clairvoyant readings, then the answer would depend on how you see them and how much you, as a normal person with no idea how psychic abilities work,  believe in them. As you see, in order for the psychics, mediums and clairvoyants to ‘read’ you, then you must first be willing to be read. Allow yourself to have an open mind and allow them to read your energy, search your soul and see you the way they see things so they would be able to provide a meaningful and genuine reading.


There is no such thing as a psychic reading that is 100% accurate and precise as our future is not set in stone and it could be changed and be altered depending on the situation that you are currently in, the people that surrounds you and the decision that you make as of the moment. Everything depends on how you decide regarding the things that matter and the situations that involve you. A psychic reading could only help you see what you aren’t seeing and know the things that is unknown to humankind. The insights, messages, details, information and knowledge that you will get from the reading could help you move on with your sorrows, choose the best path in life where you might succeed and it could also help you clear your mind with cluttered thoughts.


A clairvoyant reading could also let you learn about your past life and contemplate on your past, present and future states so that you get to understand your current situation and the circumstances that you get to experience on a daily basis.


Clairvoyance: when it started


It started way back, if you actually read the bible you will know that psychics or clairvoyants existed long ago. They were just mostly known as prophets, seers, oracles, augurs and sibyls, and they are Abraham, Daniel, Joseph, Peter and many more. They have had prophetic visions and dreams about the future. It is also believed that John is the first ever clairvoyant that existed based on the prophetic visions written on the Book of Revelations.


Some more examples of famous clairvoyants from the past would be Joan of Arc, Nostradamus and Edward Cayce. They were able to foresee visions that are still being anticipated by the people and studied up until today by experts and scientists.


How do clairvoyants receive messages?


1. By images, shapes and visions that they see in their heads

2. Third eye

3. Symbolism


Yes, they do not receive the messages and information in a clear manner, instead, they get it as very vague images, visions and symbols that they need to decipher and interpret in order to get the message that they have received.

In actuality, anyone could develop clairvoyance. They just have to allow themselves to be open to the energy, vibrations and things that they would be able to see with their third eyes. Try to meditate on a daily basis to develop your clairvoyant abilities. Visualize things and think positive for as much as possible and attract positive energy.



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