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Angels and guides: Do they exist?

Receiving other worlds

As children, we are taught that we are on earth and God is in heaven. Since ‘heaven’, ‘the heaven’, ‘sky’ and ‘the skies’ are used as synonyms, we come to think of God as being above us, actually living somewhere in the sky. Many young children, flying in aeroplane for the first time, expect and fear! – to see God or angels in the clouds. Because of this concept, many of us, when thinking of loved ones who have died, almost instinctively glance up at the heavens.


These early explanations make it difficult to understand the concept that ‘heaven’, or the higher vibrational spheres, surround us and are hidden only by a ‘veil’ in our perceptions. When that veil lifts or parts we get a glimpse of other worlds or planes with infinite vistas. These exhilarating moments happen to ordinary people in the everyday course of life much more often than may generally be suspected.


It is not necessary for you to be clairvoyant, mediumistic or to have had a ‘near-death experience’ for the veil to part. When it does, you will know that the other worlds are very close. They have a special and unforgettable quality of light, vastly different from anything you may normally perceive.

Guides and angels

Guides and angels are from different streams of consciousness. Guides are part of the human stream and have been incarnate. Angels are emanations which come directly from the divine source. They have never incarnated and never will. Angels will never become humans and, contrary to a common belief system, humans will never be angels.


Do we have a personal guide and angels?

There is scientific proof that each time we sleep we all dream dreams. Some people, however, will go through life believing they do not dream, because their dream life is unremembered when they wake.


Similarly, though without the scientific proof, it seems that we all have guardian angels and at least one guide. Many will go through life unaware of this for several reasons: they may fear, or not believe or be interested in, such phenomena; they may have vague experiences which they are unable to name or categories; their ‘subtle awareness’ may be untrained or un-awakened; fixed expectations may block the required diffuse awareness.


If you wish to do so, and are willing to let go of various layers of conditioning and fixed expectations, you can learn to sense these beings and to receive or recognize their guidance signs and communications. Not everyone wants to be a ‘channel’, but most people crave spiritual guidance, a wider perspective on their lives, a sense of meaning and the joy of companionship.

Learning to work with guides and angels means that you will grow less anxious, more hopeful, empowered to bring about personal life changes, and to work towards healing for yourself, humanity and the planet.


Guides will give you wider perspectives, wise counsel and teaching. Angles will help you to tread your path safely, to be involved in the intricate workings of the natural kingdoms, to heal your relationship with nature and to understand the highest principles of existence.



‘Your guides will always be from your immediate soul group and probably from your soul family. Usually you will have met each other in the course of incarnation. Occasionally a guide may be your twin soul since it is possible for the evolution of one soul strand to be more accelerated than that of the other.


‘Your guide will take on a personality which you are likely to recognize from a previous lifetime.


‘Thus, if you have had a happy Native American Indian lifetime in a tribe with a wise chief, your guide may show himself to you in Native American chief’s costume, complete with full headdress and eagle’s feathers.


‘If part of your spiritual journey took place in Atlantis or Tibet your guide may be ‘costumed’ in such a way as to remind you of past learning and aspirations.


‘The guise we wear does not mean that we are that person, through that personality is nevertheless incorporated into our essence.


‘I chose to appear to Ruth as Benedictine monk, because my last lifetime, following that rule, in a natural setting in the south of France, was one of gentle contentment and philosophizing. Ruth herself has deep connections to France, so that recognition between us was easy.


‘As our relationship has strengthened, so I am able to appear in my energy body of light and color because Ruth fully recognizes and can identify my essence.’


What determines how my guide appears?

Guides want you to feel comfortable and at ease with them. They will usually appear in a form or mode which is acceptable and attractive to you. The guise they choose may help you to connect with pleasant memories from a previous life time, or may conform, to some extent, to your expectations of how a guide should appear. Guides do not necessarily emerge as a particular character, but give a sense of their presence or come to you in their energy bodies of light, color and fragrance.



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