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Angels: A Dream or Reality?

Do angels really exist? If they do, what do they look like? Can angels help me as a person if I need them? Are angels good or bad? Do the angels I see in paintings depicted properly? If you are wondering about these questions, this article will answer that for you.

The topic on angels has been growing tremendously through the years.  Humans have always been fascinated about the topic on angels. They wonder if angels stand by their side, they ask if angels do really have wings, they question if there are male, female, and child angels, if there are good or bad angels and most importantly if they can get anything from angels.

The Holy Bible is one of the sources that prove that Angels do exist.  The Biblical Angels that are popular include Michael the Archangel and Gabriel.  Also, the bad angel Satan or Appollyon is mentioned in it.  Gabriel has the job of being in contact with humans when he met Daniel, Zechariah, and Mary.  He announced the birth of Jesus and John the Baptist.  He was considered as the Messenger of God.  Michael is the Archangel meaning he is the Chief of the Angels. He leads a group of angels.  Apollyon is a bad angel and his name connotes the meaning of destroyer.  Satan is a fallen angel who troubles people with chaos and inflicts them with pain and hardships in life.

Angels also have different ranks and with different roles and with different appearances of their wings.  Guardian angels, which are the most popular even with children, have a silver color on their wing tips and they protect us from danger.  Archangels, who we used to think, are the military angels, have healing powers by the use of their scepters and they have white wings with blue tips.  Cherubims and seraphims are the angels who are in God’s presence and they sing for him. Seraphims have the high melodious tone while cherubims have the harmonious tone. They have white wings with rose colored tips.  Carrions are in charge of the soul when they die.  Virtues guide us in our journey on earth and they have white wings with pale blue tips added with silver blue luminescence.  Powers also heal but they cover the person with their green tipped white wings.  Dominions record our actions and they have maroon-tipped white wings. Thrones and principalities protect us from danger too. Thrones are like the first layer of protection from danger, while principalities are the second in line defense. 

Through many instances, angels through the centuries have helped people in different circumstances.  The unnamed angel warned Lot of the coming destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.  This angel is an angel who protected Lot and his family.  Angels also helped a blind man to see.  The Angel Raphael helped blind Tobit to see.  In addition to that, Raphael released from her a bad spirit who made her keep killing her husband.

All of these prove that angels do really exist.  Not only do they exist, they can help us in times of trouble.


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