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Angel Gabriel: What makes him different from the rest of the Angels?

The names of angels and where did it came from always baffled every children and adults too. Where did these name of angels come from and why did they are given those very unique names? The basic answers would come from the holy bible and in other religions other than Christianity, from their sacred text.

The most popular names of angels are basically the archangels. Before we go deeper to these archangels, let us first discuss what are angels and the basic forms of angels. Angels are high spiritual beings that are appointed by the almighty God to guide, help and protect humanity. There are three main classifications of angels and this varies from the proximity of the angels to God. The classification is basically termed as the choir of angels. The first choir is referred to as the first triad. In this classification the Cherubim, Seraphim and Thrones belong. These angels work closely with God. The next classification is referred to as the second triad. The Power, the Virtues and the Dominating belong to this class and they are commonly known as the gatekeepers between the heaven and hell. The last classification is the third triad. It is in this classification that the principalities the angels and of course the archangels belong to. They are the ones that work closely with the humans.

The names of angels especially the archangels are the names that until now baffled many of what is its meaning. To start with, archangels are the seven angels that are mentioned in the book of revelation with God himself. From the accounts of scholars they are the ruling angels famous for their attributes.

The most popular names of angelsis the name of the three archangels and here are as follows:

Archangel Michael- The Field Leader of the Army of God (Leader of the Archangels)

The Archangel Michael is believed to be the ruler of the archangels. He is also defined as the angel of protection, strength and truth. Some refers to him as the “prince of light”. The name Michael in Hebrew means “He who is as God”.

Although the archangel rank in the hierarchy of angels is the second lowest, his leadership role id undisputed. Yet in the famous war in Heaven, Michael is the legendary angel who cast Lucifer (Light Bringer) after his rebellious attempt to overthrow God of his command in the Heavens. In any Christian books, the archangel Michael is the common picture of Good defeating Evil.

The common symbols that depict Michael the Archangel are the Sword, the Sun and the Blue Cloak.

Archangel Gabriel – The Messenger of God

The Archangel Gabriel is considered as the messenger sent by God. His role primarily is to deliver wisdom from God to the prophets here on earth. The most famous apparition recorded for his name is with the prophet Gabriel. He is also the one responsible for giving the message that God will send his only beloved son on earth through Mary. The name Gabriel means in Hebrew “God is my Strength” and the symbols that depict Archangel Gabriel are the Lilies.

Archangel Raphael – The Healer of God

The Archangel Raphael is considered to be the healer of God. He is also known to give knowledge to those who are in need. Archangel Raphael is the healer of the angels. The names of angels are not only names but they imply significant meaning. The name varies with the virtues attributed with these angels. 


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