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Angel Cards: Positive Upliftment in Everyday Life

Do you feel sad, discouraged, and about to give up?  Do you need guidance in love and relationship matters? Are you about to make an important decision? You need daily guidance through the help of angel cards.

Angel cards are decks of cards that have messages that encourage, uplift, and bring happiness to the person involved. All of us have angels who guard us in our daily lives.  With the use of angel cards, the journey we take every day and the decisions we choose daily can be guided by our angels through these cards.

Unlike the tarot cards who bring bad news and gloom and despair with its readings, the angel cards bring hope and peace to the person. Angel cards help us in many areas in our lives.  They help us with our emotions, feelings, work, love, family, and relationships. As our guardian angels do, they protect us from harm.  They help us achieve personal success by identifying the things that hinder our success. Thus, the reading of angel cards is very important in a person’s life.

There are different angel cards.  If you want specific information on a question, use the Card Angel Oracle. This will guide you in your day to day living.  If you want a short term look out for the future, use the Angel Analysis Oracle.  You will learn what affects you because of past events.  If you want to learn and understand the type of relationship you have with others and how it affects you and how it affects the other person, use the Relationship Wisdom.  If you are in a crossroad and you have to make a choice, use the Two Way Choice and you will know the outcomes for each choice you take.  If you wonder if both of you are meant for each other, use Soul mate Situation.  If you do not have a special someone, Love Ahead Forecast will tell you when, how, and where you will meet your soul mate.  If you wonder what is your purpose in life, Life Purpose Revelations will tell be an excellent reader of choice. If you feel you lack abundance and is in need, Angel’s Abundance will be a good Angel Card reader for you.    If you are emotionally and physically unfit, Angel Healing will bring healing to you. If you want to contact with your Guardian Angel, Guardian Angel Contact will help u see how you angel is helping you.  IF you want guidance for a specific concern, use Angel Guidance receives proper guidance. 

Now the question is how you use your new angel cards.

It is important for you to know that you should be the only one to hold and touch your angel cards.  By doing this, you will be able to protect it from absorbing a different bad kind of energy.  Do this by covering it with black silk.  Find a place in your home where you will feel calm and be not disturbed.  Use this place to be the regular spot you will be when you are reading your angel cards. To draw positive energy, it is helpful that you use a candle for light.

Pray so that your angel cards can be cleansed. Angels will be happy to know if you show appreciation to them.  Even a simple prayer will reach this sentiment to your angel.

Pop a question.  Then using your gut feeling, pick one and try to read the message that comes across with it.

With the angel cards, I wish you a Very Angelic Success!


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