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Am I Psychic?

Psychics are known to be very thoughtful and sensitive people. They are gifted with a special ability that permits them to determine, establish and devise active and vibrant radiations from people, place, and different objects that are near them. Psychics can collect and convene knowledge and information about a certain individual’s past, present and future with the use of their minds.

These brilliant and accomplished individuals may come in from various ecclesiastical paths or different theological convictions and principles, and may have contrasting methods, procedures, techniques, and strategies that they practice.

A few known beliefs that are related to being a psychic are:

1. Anyone can be psychics – and that it can be initiated, as long as you let yourself be sufficiently interested and engrossed in learning the various techniques, methods and practices such as meditation.

2. Psychic ability is hereditary or congenital – some people believe that psychic parents can pass their abilities and gifts to their children.

Signs that you might be have special psychic abilities

  1. You have a vigorous judge of character and temperament.

  2. You know if a person that you just met is trustworthy or not and you follow your instinct to trust that person because you know that your inclinations are always right.

  3. You sense or feel other people’s vibrations and auras.

  4. You catch a glimpse of light on people’s heads.

  5. You seem to see shadows and silhouettes with your peripheral vision.

  6. You have seen ghosts and spirits, or better yet, you are able to connect and communicate with them.

  7. You know that you have relatives, immediate or distant, that have psychic abilities as well.

  8. You have proven that a person is deceitful and dishonest after you have felt how they really are and what their true nature is.

  9. You tend to be a good listener to people with hardships and problems.

  10. You also tend to be a good adviser and counselor as you have given useful and effective advices to your friends and family.

  11. You attract a pet or an animal’s trust immediately even if it’s the first time you’re seeing the living being.

  12. You are warm to kids and babies seem to stare at you for a long time.

  13. You can sense the mood of a person just by being with them or hearing their voices.

  14. You can feel the aura of the room you’re staying and you know when it shifts when someone new enters the place.

  15. You could somehow see, feel and hear past events and happenings when you visit an old place or buildings.

  16. You always seem to experience déjà vu or you get the feeling of familiarity in a place that you are visiting for the first time in your life.

  17. You can somehow accurately predict things and events that are going to happen.

  18. Your family asks your opinion on an important decision before taking a step. They seem to trust your judgment and take your advice on everything that is crucial for the family betterment.

  19. You always get the feeling that you know the people that you haven’t even met before.

  20. You guess callers on your landline without looking at the caller id and you know you’re right the moment when you answer the phone.

  21. You get vivid nightmares and lucid dreams often.

  22. Your dreams usually come true.

  23. You hear voices even when you are alone.

  24. You often hear faint music from a distant location.

  25. You tend to lose track of time in whatever you do.

  26. You always get the feeling of checking on someone and when you do, you find out that he or she is in need of assistance, guidance or help.

  27. You had imaginary friends when you were little.

  28. You feel like someone is watching you. All the time.



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