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AM I PSYCHIC? - A Simple Test to Know If You Are Psychic

Testing your psychic ability to know if you really have ‘it’ is easy and can be done even at home. You can do this alone but it would be better to ask for a friend’s help for a more honest result.

You can start by the simplest way to know and that is to predict the weather. Psychics have the capability to know things that are yet to happen. Just make sure that you are being honest and have not looked for weather forecast. Tell your friend about what you predict so he can attest if it actually happens.

You can also try playing cards with your friend. Ask him to pick a card and not tell you anything. Of course, you will guess what card it is. A psychic will have no problem telling what card his friend picks because information will come to him through his inner senses.

After the cards with just 52 possibilities, you can take it to the next level and make your friend think of any letter, number, picture, or name. You can start telling your friend what you see with the use of your psychic ability. Information may come as a hunch, as flashes of images, or as noise. Be alert and wary for these psychic phenomena.

If you play it all right with the guesses, you can start predicting tomorrow as your final test. Do a psychic reading for your friend about the things that might happen to him tomorrow. You will know if you have been successful in developing your psychic ability if your friend will tell so.

Developing your psychic ability is one thing so make sure that you are prepared for the responsibility of possessing it because it is not easy and it is not as simple as the test above.


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