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A Special Connection - Angels and Spirit Guides

When we are at our lowest levels of life, one thing that is always there to save us and keep us standing still is religion. Our beliefs and morals are our saving grace in times that we are facing life’s ever changing challenges and bumps. We have our angels and spirit guides that are always there to guide us through life, help us pull through everything, keep us strong in spite of the many challenges we face and save us from harm and dangers of life. 

We seek guidance and direction from the objects or creatures we see as divine. We find safety and hope in angels and spirit guides when everything just seems to fall apart right in front of us. Believing in something is what sometimes keeps us strong and firm. It provides us with security that we always have something to ponder on when we are down. 

Angels are believed to be the link that exists between us humans and our mighty Creator. They may have come here in our planet to ensure growth and safety of mankind at the earliest parts of our existence as angels and not as something else. They have come to protect us through the relay of messages from God to us human beings. Another belief is that all of us were assigned angels of our own from the moment we are born up to our last seconds here on earth. They are the forces that attract the things, people and events that are for us to encounter during our life in order for us to grow into a more complete and better person.

 Spirit guides on the other hand are the souls that have lived many centuries ago and have lived across many cultures and are here with us now to relay wisdom and teach us things for us to be better persons. They guide us through whatever we are going through and help us go through it by giving us spiritual advice that will drive us to safety and realization of things. They are the ones that have seen the world evolve and have become highly spiritual and are full of wisdom driven by good.

A large number of people all around the world from different religions have given statements and stories of how angels and spirit guides have guided and saved them through real experiences in their lives. There are a lot of ways by which these angels and spirit guides may intervene in our lives. It may be through the attraction of good vibes or even simple events that good bring us well up to the manifestations of people that they been reached upon by angels and spirit guides once in their lives to convey truths and wisdom in order for them to make through whatever it was that they are facing.

So at our lowest points, we should never give up for we know that we have our angles and spirit guides.  We may never see them physically but they will always be there for us.


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