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A Quick Guide to Know if a Tarot Reading is Legitimate

What is a Tarot Reading?


For everyone’s information, tarot card reading is one of the most prehistoric, ancient and classical forms of divination and fortune telling that the history of man had ever known. It existed way back in the 15th century and are still being used and appreciated up until today. Tarot card decks are composed of seventy eight cards that is used for foretelling the future and gathering knowledge and information about a certain person by psychics, seers, oracles, clairvoyants, prophets, and many more card readers during their tarot card reading session.


For every reading, the tarot reader will have to choose a spread that he or she will use depending on what the client wants to know about. What is a tarot spread, you may ask? A tarot spread is the arrangement or positioning of the tarot cards that are being used when uncovering the truth, revealing of hidden information and foretelling the future during the tarot reading. Each position is associated with what the client or sitter wants to learn more about.


During a tarot card reading, the tarot card reader sits in front of you and shuffles the deck of cards that he or she is holding. You will notice that the reader is concentrating on the his or her client and to their questions. Once they cut the deck, they will choose the cards that would relay the knowledge and information about the client and position it on the table depending on which spread he or she will use. When all the cards have been chosen, the reader will flip it up and tell the client what it could mean and what the relevance of the chosen cards are, and by then you will get the insights, the knowledge and the inspiration that you need in your life and the information that you ought to know about your future.


But how will you know if a tarot reading is legitimate and genuine?   

A true tarot reading will have to provide you with the answers to most of your questions, impart you with useful insights and great knowledge about yourself, your future and what you will have to do in order to get a fruitful life ahead. A true tarot reading will have to give you the enlightenment and inspiration that you need to move forward and strive harder.


Also, true tarot readers will know what exactly it is that you need. They should never ask for too many questions, especially if they are asking for personal things that might give them clues and ideas on what to tell you during the reading. True tarot readers will not have to look at what you are wearing, how you talk, how you move and what kind of car you are driving, they do not need to observe you intently to receive knowledge and information about you because that is just cheating.


True tarot readers will just concentrate on you, your energy and his or her cards and then begin the reading, answering all your questions, issues and concerns and then charge you with how much the readings costs. Yes, you read that right, charging of the payment comes after the reading, not before. Only tricksters and frauds would charge you  upfront before even starting the session.


Just keep in mind that tarot readers, psychics, mediums and clairvoyants do not always have the answer to all of the things that run in your mind. They could get answers intuitively but they do not get it all. You might just want to remember this to avoid frustrations and disappointments during your readings.


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