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A Psychic's ability

Psychic Abilities


There has been a lot of incident reports regarding people who possess psychic abilities all throughout the history. Some people have just one ability while other can execute and achieve two or more, it usually depends on the experience and practice that the person is willing to do in order to develop their psychic gifts.


Are these abilities real? Is there proof?


Scientists and other enthusiasts have done countless of researches regarding the legitimacy and reliability of the psychic abilities and the psychic phenomenon but they still haven’t decided if it is. There are indeed a lot of people claiming to have such gifts and that they can offer to help other people with it. On the other hand, there still isn’t enough proof as to how and why they have it. Well, we think you just got to have faith and believe in the unseen to know that it is legitimate and no proof should be presented anymore.


Here is a rundown of the abilities that a psychic may possess. You might want to check it out!


This is the ability to cast your consciousness out of your corporeal body. It is also known as the OBE or the out-of-body experience. This could be achieved through meditation and once you have done it, you will be able to walk through walls and defy the laws of the physical world.


This allows the bearer to see and receive the energy of another person which is also called an aura. They are able to see a radiating and emitting energy field from 15 – 45 cm outside a person’s physical body.


Mediums are the people who uses this ability as this allows them to serve as a vessel or a channel in order for the communication to take place. This allows them to gather and receive information, knowledge, messages and validations from another realm.


This is the ability to hear more than what the physical ears could hear like the voices of the spirits, thoughts of other people or animals and even music from another realm.


This is the ability to know things even if you are pretty sure that it is your first time to encounter such event or occurrence and that you do not have a foregoing knowledge about it.


This is the ability to see visions, apparitions and manifestations about other people, places and events that happened. This enables the psychic to see glimpses of the past, the present and the future.


This is the ability sense or feel things that is way beyond the physical world. This enables the psychic to feel the presence of the souls, spirits and other supernatural beings.

This is the ability to foretell future happenings and incidents. This could be through a vision or flashes and images of what might happen or it can even show as a dream.


This is the ability to control and manage a physical object by using the mind. There is a more intense and stronger version of psychokinesis, it is known as the macro-psychokinesis and it is said that you would be able to control other elements such as fire or smoke with it.


This is the ability to make and generate communication through thoughts and emotions and here are its three types:


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