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8 Most Common Relationship Issues and How to Handle them

Conflicts, issues and problems are always there when you are in a relationship. People say that when you are with the right person, everything would be bliss and perfect but that is not at all true. In truth, when you are in a relationship with the one you love, there would be fun and happy times but there will always be the sad and difficult times as well. It is not always rainbows and butterflies, both of you should understand each other and agree to the rules of each other in order for your relationship to prosper and be merry.


But what are the common issues that a couple who are in a relationship goes through? Here’s a rundown list of possible relationship issues that you might encounter.


1. You spend a lot of time apart than spending time together.


Spending time apart could be healthy for the both of you but make sure that you also spend time together as it is crucial for the growth of your relationship to devote time and spend money on your partner. If both of you are busy building careers, saving money for your future and growing apart then it cannot be helped as you are doing these things for your success and prosperity. But make sure that you still have time for each other to keep the love burning, book dates in advance, like a trip to a country that you both want to visit or even just a simple dinner date would do. Let your partner feel that even though you are busy, you still have time for them. Also, make sure to call every now and then if you really can’t meet up in person.


2. You spend all of your time – every day, every hour, every minute – together.


It is nice when you treat  your partner as your best friend as you can share with him or her everything, your secrets, your plans, your dreams but it is not always advisable to keep doing things together as you should let each other grow individually. Allow yourselves to spend a little time apart, go out with other friends and spend time with other people. And remember that it is okay to not see each other in two or three days. That will be enough to give space and time to your partner, he or she deserves it.


3. You keep on fighting about the same matters and problems over and over again.


This happens a lot to most couples, especially when they argue about something and the other one just brings up the past issues and matters that you guys have already fought about before. This could be very destructive and damaging to your relationship. It won’t help you with whatever point you are trying to cross during a fight when you pull back some problems from the past, be it small issues like not washing the dishes or that scratch that your partner made on your car, or big issues such as your partner talking or flirting with other man or woman. Stop this.


4. One of you have issues with the other one’s parents or family members.


Oops, this one is hard especially if the parents of your partner has issues on you that you do not seem to know where its coming from. It’s like, they just have a bad blood for you. This would be difficult because you cannot actually tell your partner to oppose or argue with his or her parents for you. That would be selfish. What you can do is you have to try reaching out to them and try to understand why they feel that way towards you. If they are just protective over their son or daughter, you might understand then but if they really have an attitude problem on their own then there is nothing that you can actually do about it, yes? Just let your partner know how you feel about his or her parents. They will defend you if you have done nothing wrong. You do not need to force yourself on them as it might just create bigger problems.


5. You aren’t confident and you are doubtful when you think about your future as a couple.


This one is hard as well because the both of you might be having different goals and dreams from each other. You might be wanting to start a family in a year or two but he or she still wants to work on his or her career to accumulate and save more money for the both of you. Just try to understand your partner when it comes to this and weigh all the options. If it really is a good opportunity for your partner to work then give him or a her a year or two to enjoy it. And if you feel like you are getting old and you are pressured to start a family then try explaining it to him or her. The both of you has to compromise and make way for the betterment of your relationship anyway.


6. You fight and bicker over monetary issues.


All couples experience this, especially those who are in a long term relationship. Money would always be an issue as it is necessary to survive while you are still alive. You might be arguing over it because you invested it on the wrong business and your partner just got frustrated about it. It is normal when you think of it. What matters is how you handle it. You lost money? Then talk things through and think of a plan on how you can recuperate from the loss. Money is an essential but it is not everything. Do not let your monetary issues and problems eat you and win over love.


7. You have mismatched sex drives


It has become a basic rule in relationships that you will have to establish and know your sexual compatibility with your partner during the early stages of the relationship. This is to avoid problems in the future that involves sex. Make sure that the intimacy is intact or else there is a possibility that your partner would cheat on you with another man or woman to get the intimacy that they are looking for. You have to think and talk things through in order to maintain that intimacy and warmth in the relationship.


8. You have issues with his or her friends


If the issue isn’t with the parents, then it could somehow be with the friends, yes? It is not something that you could just set aside when you aren’t comfortable with your partner’s friends. It could probably because of the way they talk or their vices or how they treat other people. They are people who have been with him or her before you guys even met so your partner could be a little pushy on the both of you spending time with them. Well, you cannot actually force yourself to like someone whom you feel indifferent and uninterested with so you can just let your partner know about how you feel. He or she might understand why you feel that way.


Keep in mind that when you enter a relationship with someone, the both of you should not act as if you are just one person, doing the same things all the time, instead think of it as two individual people who come and live together with separate lives from each other. Allow yourselves to grow and experience life as a couple but give way to individual growth and development as well.

Every couple would face issues during their relationship, be it small or big issues, it never goes away. Besides, couples who are brave enough to sail through rough and aggressive waters are those who win in love in the end of it all. Face those problems and conflicts and do not let those challenges and difficulties get to you and your partner. Remember, your love is stronger than anything.


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