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8 Most common reasons why couples breakup

When we enter a relationship, it is just normal for us to think positively about our partners and how the whole relationship will go. We often think that romance and the partnership would stand and overcome the test of time but sometimes, it just doesn’t go that way. No matter how much you love or have loved the person that you are with, sometimes, love just isn’t enough. Most of the times, people would say, “I don’t know, I just felt like ending the relationship”, but the reasons behind that act and the words are there and it could be harder to accept within yourself that the relationship that you were taking care of, with all your might and with all your heart, just crumbled and shattered into tiny pieces.


There are a lot of possible reasons that could cause the end and fall of a happy relationship. Reasons from direct and drastic hate towards your partner to calmer reasons like individual disparities and differences. You might think that it is hard and heart breaking when you are the one being dumped in the relationship but think again because it is never easy to leave and break someone’s heart as well.


If you are a coward and a worthless person then it will just be easy for you to just pack your things, shut the door and leave your partner hanging without even saying goodbye but it’s not that easy, isn’t it? You know that deep within yourself, you are hurting and you just can’t comfortably and simply leave the person whom you share your greatest memories with, the person whom you had most of your ‘firsts’ with and the person whom you loved before so much with all your heart.


Whatever your reason is, if you feel like the relationship is not going to progress and move forward from where you and your partner are, then might as well just end it. Especially if you have valid reasons to do so. Here are some of the reasons and basis of some of the people who initiates breaking up with their partners.


1. Not enough sex or no sex at all. Yep, in a relationship, sex is very important as it is a way of keeping the intimacy and the familiarity with each other. If you’d like to go beyond 15 or 20 years of marriage or being together then make sure you spice it up in the bedroom as it is hard to maintain your sex drives and keep it as good and as often as when the both of you are still young.


2. Financial issues or money problems may cause the downfall of your relationship. How? This happens when one of the couple spends too much on unnecessary things and doesn’t know how to handle money or when the other one is too tight and too stingy when it comes to expenses. Or it could also be when the both of you have different beliefs and views on how money should be handled and managed. This is one of the most common problems and it could end up in a very big fight between the couple because it is always necessary and important to make sure that you two are able to save up for the future and for emergency purposes.


3. No or minimal communication could be the end of your relationship because people, all of us, grow, change and develop into someone better or worse and it is important that you are aware of the changes that your partner is going through. Change is okay as it is inevitable and you cannot do anything about it. So might as well try to talk things through and adapt to the change that is happening with each other. If both of the couples are stern and hardheaded and none of them would want to talk to the other or hear out what the other has to say then there is no chance for the love to survive.


4. Not compromising is worse than not communicating. Why? Would there be any sense at all if you keep on talking to each other about your problems, issues, differences and changes if one of you or both of you are not willing to understand, accept and compromise for it? You can keep on talking and talking but if one refuses to agree with and accept the other’s behavior or personality then there is no point in explaining and making things work.


5. Cheating is a sin and therefore it is the worst thing that your partner could do to you when you are in a relationship. “Thou shall not commit adultery”, this is one of the ten commandments of the Lord. It is never okay and never right to fall in love, be infatuated or have sex with another person when you are already committed to someone. Just think of the damages and the detrimental effect that you could inflict to a person or that could be inflicted on you when you cheat on them or vice versa. The person who have been cheated on could face sexuality and identity issues that could cause them to lose their self confidence and self importance.


6. Dissimilar interests, hobbies and passion. This isn’t much of an issue because love is all about respect, yes? Your partner could love fishing while you find it boring but when you love someone you’ll support them in whatever way you can. But some people just do not know how to accept and respect what their partner loves to do and this could cause their relationship to end.


7. Bad habits. When you two are just a new couple, your partner would definitely not show you their bad habits and practices. These bad habits could be as small as leaving their used undergarments on the floor of your bedroom or your bathroom to actually being an alcoholic, a drug user or excessive and compulsive lying.


8. Forgetting to be nice and generous to your partner could also be destructive to the relationship. Sometimes, people get too familiar with each other and they tend to forget how they should treat each other. You end up being too bossy or too strict or too rude to your partner and this could cause them to lose their interest in you.


Relationships are fun and exciting especially when you’re a new couple but it could only be as thrilling and as good as new if you take care of it. Learn from other peoples’ experiences and apply it on your relationship so you would be able to save and keep the love.

Relationship break ups are never easy. If you find yourself on the verge of breaking up with someone or being broken up to then reflect on the things that could’ve broken and damaged your relationship with each other. Is it worth losing the person whom you have shared a lot of memories, laughs and challenges with? Is breaking up the only solution for what you are feeling right now? Be sure, be certain before actually diving into a big mess such as a break up. You never know what you’re losing especially when your mind is clouded with judgment, pain and sadness. Think before you do anything that could cause permanent damages and wounds to you and your partner as well.


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