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7 Most Famous Mediums of All Time

What is a medium?


A medium is someone who claims to have and possess a psychic ability that allows them to connect and communicate to the people who have passed away already. They also have intuitive abilities that enables them to gather and receive intuitive information and knowledge about certain people and/or spirits.  


Here is a list of the most famous mediums of all time:


1. Emmanuel Swedenborg


Emmanuel Swedenborg was born in Stockholm and he had committed his life into studying engineering and natural science. He was a very notable seer and prophet. Once, he had visioned, while staying in a friend’s house, that there is a fire starting in one of his other friend’s house and that is also very close to his home, then he updated them at around 8pm that the fire had been extinguished already. That vision was very accurate which made the people believe that he is a legitimate medium.


2. Emma Hardinge Britten


Emma Britten is one of the most remarkable and outstanding settler and frontierswoman of the Spiritualism in Britain today. She has written books about Spiritualism and she was one of the few people who advocated and recommended that all of the Spiritualists unite and join as one so they could hold a religious organization.


3. The Bangs Sisters


The Bangs sisters, May and Elizabeth, are gifted psychics as they have mastered clairvoyance, direct voices, mediumship and materialization. They also do independent drawings and writing. They perform their mediumship on stage where a lot of people could actually see them.


4. The Davenport Brothers


The Davenport brothers, Ira Erastus and William Henry, were both from New York, USA. When they were young kids, their family were troubled and distressed by loud knocks and bumps and rappings. The brothers, along with their sister, tried to experiment and appraise the situation by putting their hands on the table and then messages just spelled out on its own. It was believed that Ira Erastus developed a skill in automatic writing and levitation, he would be able to float above other people’s head.


5. The Eddy Brothers


The Eddy brothers, Horatio and William, were from a poverty-stricken family and they were very unsociable and reclusive people as they often find themselves in conflict with other people as rumors go around town that there are weird and strange things that are happening in their home. Their psychic gifts includes movement of objects, speaking other languages while on a reading, giving out prophecies, psychic healing, clairvoyance, psychometry and automatic writing.


6. Daniel Dunglas Home


Daniel Home was born in Currie but left and went to England to live with his aunt but she was very religious and when she knew of Daniel’s abilities, she thought that he brought the devil in her house so she asked him to leave her house. He was sickly and he was poor. His abilities were mostly all of the mediumistic abilities that anyone could think of except for materialization as he refuses to sit in a dark place.


7. Helen Duncan


Helen Duncan was born in Scotland and is known to be one of the most defamed and slandered mediums in the 1900s but she was one of the best, spectacular and impressive of all. She was a medium that can talk and communicate to spirits and she can also allow herself to be a spirit’s vessel for a short time.

There are still lots of famous and notable mediums from all over the globe. If you feel like you have the same psychic abilities, go and search for their life before they left this world and learn more about how they perfected their abilities and skills.


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