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6 Most Practical Relationship Advice for Gay People

Most gay men from all over the world are struggling, enduring and making every effort to find true and genuine love with another man. Despite this homophobic community and culture that is prejudiced against the homosexual people, gay men try to remain positive and enthusiastic about searching for Mr. Right and that they pray that they would be able to find what they are looking for.


Gay men were not educated on how they will be able to find true love, nor were they ever encouraged to do so. Especially before when they have been shamefully discriminated and treated differently by our society. They never received great wisdom, useful advices and good guidance on how to date other men because it was being discouraged before, and up until today, by some of the old, conservative and traditional people.


Moreover, even if they are fortunate enough to find a man who is deserving for their love and care, they haven’t been given a manual as to how they could sustain and prolong a healthy and intimate relationship with their chosen partners.


Here’s the truth, gay relationships are very satisfying, beneficial and fulfilling if the gay men who are romantically involved with each other are aware that they need to put in a lot of effort, awareness and commitment in the relationship to nurture and strengthen its growth, intimacy and to make it work. Here are some of the things for the relationship of gay people to work:


1. Remind yourselves why you have chosen each other and do it often


Of course, there is always a reason as to why one of your past relationships did not work out. It could be because your previous partner was a cheater and you have been cheated on for so many time already or it could be because he was a narcissist and he loved himself above all things, more than you even or it could be because your partner lack depth and you do not have anything to talk about other than sex


You know you’ll feel it when the love is true and genuine and somehow everything just feels right with this certain person. It may be because he is talkative and is open to sharing everything that happens in his everyday life. It’s true love if you do not love him for his money nor his physical appearance. Remind yourselves everyday on why you chose each other over other people.


2. Know and discuss about your limitations, boundaries and restrictions in the beginning of the relationship and follow it


This allows you to have a decent conversation with your partner. Sit and talk to each other about the relationship that you both want to attain and settle some ground rules. You have t make sure that your partner is at the same page as you are because it won’t work out if he wants an open relationship with you and you already want something serious. And also, if the both of you are ready to take on a serious and steady relationship then fix some relationship parameters like do not date anyone while you’re both committed to each other and follow these rules.


3. Trust your partner and be trustworthy

Do not allow your relationship to revolve around jealousy. Make an extra effort to make yourself trustworthy in the eyes of your partner and do not involve yourself into something that you know would make him jealous of the people around you or the people you are with. For example, stop partying on weekends when your boyfriend doesn’t feel comfortable about it. Listen to what he says and be considerate, it might save and prolong your relationship. Also, don’t just go and accuse him of cheating or something that he didn’t do. Trust him.


4. Do not be clingy


We all know that it feels good to be with someone whom we love and adore with all our hearts, especially if it is the beginning of the relationship. You want to be with your special person every waking moment. This has been abused by a lot of couples today. Being together all of the time can make the candle burn out faster. You have to make sure that you give each other ample amount of space and time to move on your own and do your own personal things like work, business matters or personal errands. Give each other a room to breathe.


You can try to do things that you were doing before you met and became a couple with your significant other. Keep on doing these things and make yourself a little busy to acquire your “me” time. Your partner will be kept interested in you if you do so.


5. Be passionate about the relationship and keep things lively, vigorous and positive


Yes, it may sound nice to be in a good routine with your partner and just keep doing things repeatedly because it can give you a sense of security and stability but in reality, it can bore you or your partner and one of you will eventually do something livelier and more exciting than netflix and chill or afternoon coffee dates.


Try to plan out of town, weekend trips every now and then or surprise your partner with a romantic candlelit dinner on a Friday night. Spice things up and make sure that he enjoys every little thing that you are doing. Do not fall into routines as the relationship could turn out as a bore if you do so.


6. Make the relationship, as well as each other, your priority


Just like any other relationships out there, you have to prioritize your relationship. Not to the point that you do not do anything else but be occupied and focused on your relationship with your partner but to the point that you are inspired to work and earn more money for your relationship or for your boyfriend. Prioritize your relationship and make sure that however busy you may become with other important things, you still do not forget to give time and spend time with your lover every once in a while.

Go out, watch movies, eat outside, grab coffee, drive around, have sex, and just be happy with your partner. Do things regularly and do things out of the norm. Balance your work life, your personal life and your love life and make sure to always communicate and talk to each other about everything under the sun. Assure them that you love them and you want to spend forever with them.


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