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5 Ultimate Questions to Ask a Medium

There are quite a lot of people who believe in the ability of psychics to foretell the future but aside from actually asking about the future and what might happen to them in a few years, they also go to psychics to seek advice about their difficulties, challenges and struggles in life as they want to know which particular route should they take to conquer happiness and success.


Psychics are also good advisers and counselors and the most important part of the reading is always the part where they tell you what you must do in order to attain or achieve something in the future. You must know that psychics do not really see the future as a clear picture, they see it as a blurred vision with unclear images, shapes, colors, pictures and other clues that might tell them about what is in store for their clients.


For example, you ask about what might happen to you and your boyfriend in the next five years. Let the psychic focus on your spiritual energy and let them get information about you through their spirit guides. The psychic could see blurred images of church bells, an altar and a white wedding gown. It means that she sees you getting wed soon. Her vision didn’t clearly showed her a video-like wedding ceremony.


When you start talking to the psychic during the reading, there is a tendency that you might forget the questions that you wanted to ask or even why you had the reading in the first place. It might be because you are either: (1) Nervous, as you will be receiving great information about you and your future and the psychic might not tell you what you actually want to hear or (2) Excited, as you have been longing to speak to a genuine psychic and ask your heart out.


Worry not, because if you are actually having a reading with a legitimate psychic who has genuine abilities then you really do not have to ask questions anymore as they will automatically do the reading for you and tell you everything that they see in their minds. Yes, you can ask questions but it is better to naturally let the reading flow and let them gather all the information and knowledge that there is about you from wherever they are getting it.


Try to hold a pen and a paper during the reading so you can take notes of what the psychic s telling you, especially the important parts that might lead you to your success and happiness. With this, you can always look back and read about the things that could help you in your life, according to the psychic.


Unsure of what kind of questions to ask during your reading with a psychic? Here are some of the most common questions that psychics usually get from their clients.

Question #1: What could you see and tell me about my love life? Could you please advise me base on what you could see?


This is actually a good question as it is very open-ended and the psychic will be able to explain what they see in you freely as it is a question that is not answerable by yes or no. When it comes to your love life, you will want to know everything as everyone seems to be obsessed in the idea of meeting their soulmates and living a happy life together until their hairs turn gray. Just ask questions that requires deep and full answers from the psychic which will fill you with a lot of information and knowledge about your concerns.


Also, a psychic could also ask you questions, not to fish for information and knowledge but for assessment and confirmation that the information that they see in you is true.


Other questions regarding love:


- Am I ever going to have children?

- Will I ever get married?

- I have a boyfriend, is he the one for me?

- Could you please advise as to how I could find my soulmate?

Question #2: Would there be massive changes regarding my future?


A lot of people ask this question not because they want to know what the massive changes are but to allow themselves to be ready and prepared for it. To be prepared about personal changes is good because by then you will actually know how to deal with it better. If you try to ask this certain question to a psychic, they will be able to tell you what kind of change is coming and regarding what it is, if the psychic is good then they could even tell you when it will happen. If you hear about a certain change that will happen to you from the psychic and you would like to know more about it, you can always ask the psychic to further explain it for you.


Other questions regarding the future:


- What can you see in my future, could you describe it?

- Where am I and what am I doing in five years?

- Can you see something that could greatly affect me in the future?

Question #3: Is this the right career track or path for me?


Psychics are very skilled people when it comes to reading other people and they can even see something that you, personally, haven’t thought about for yourself. They can read personalities and characteristics and know some information about you that you haven’t explored yet. If you are going to talk about your career track then the psychic would assess your abilities and they could suggest of a way on how you can use it to get to the right career path for you. It is believed that psychics could tell in one look if you are analytical or creative and they will lay every possible choices of jobs for you.


Other questions regarding your career:


- Should I leave my current job to apply for a new one?

- Am I going to be successful in this field of work?

Question #4: How can I heal myself from something that has brought great pain and difficulty to me?


When you are emotionally and mentally hurting, it is best to ask and seek great advices from genuine psychics as they would be able to give you spiritual advices that could heal your heart, your mind and your soul during a rough and hard time in your life. Just remember to allow yourself to accept their advices as it could be something that you haven’t heard of and tried before. Aside from the great advices, they could also reveal about your personal strengths and weaknesses and it will allow you to be a better person.


Other questions regarding healing:


- Would I be able to move on from this breakup?

- Tell me how I could deal and cope with the death of someone so close to me?

- Am I ever going to find happiness again?

Question #5: Are my friends loyal to me? If not, how do I find loyal friends?


Psychics could tell you if you are with the right people and they could tell you to say away from a certain person as he or she might be a bad influence on you. Genuine psychics would also be able to see and read through your experiences with your friends and they will tell you on how you can strengthen your bond with certain people or how you can find yourself true friends who will never leave you. This question is mostly asked by people who find themselves in a circle of liars and fake people who have been very toxic in their life. Psychics would be able to tell you where to look and how to be a good friend to attract good people.


Other questions regarding friendships:


- How could I help a struggling friend?

- Am I ever going to find new friends in the new city which I’m moving in to?



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