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5 Most famous clairvoyants of all times

Clairvoyance is a french term that means “clear vision” and it is the ability that allows a person to gather and receive intuitive messages, information and knowledge by using the extrasensory perception or the ESP. It is believed that clairvoyants have acquired and opened the third eye.


The third eye is basically a chakra that could be found in between the eyebrows on our foreheads. It is also known as the ‘mind’s eye’ and it allows psychics to ‘see’ things that are hidden or that cannot be seen by the naked eye.


Here is a rundown list of the most famous clairvoyants ever, in our history:


  1. Joan of Arc (1412 - 1431)

Joan of Arc was also known as the ‘maid of Orleans’ and she was thought and deemed to be a heroine or a woman of courage in France due to her part in the Lancastrian phase of the Hundred Years’ War. She is a glorified and a beatified saint by the Roman Catholic.

It was believed that she was able to ‘see’ the future as she saw herself being injured at Orleans and being captured by the English people. She was a big help during the war, telling their men to change locations as they will die if they just stay in the same place as where they were staying. She saved a lot of lives then.


  1. Nostradamus (1503 – 1566)

His name was Michel de Nostrdame and he was a French apothecary and a regarded and well known clairvoyant, seer, oracle and prophet. He was able to predict a lot of things that even in the generation today, are being awaited and being studied upon if genuine or true. He had been famous for his fortune telling as he was able to publish 1000 prophecies while he lived. He was able to predict his own death on the 2nd of July 1566 and told his secretary that she won’t be seeing him alive the night before.


  1. Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand (1772 – 1843)

Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand was a famous and professional French fortune teller during the Napoleanic era. It is believed that she was taught by the gypsies on how to read tarot cards and then she acquired her first deck from them in the young age of fourteen. She was popular and the rich people would often ask for her for a reading and they always deem it to be true and accurate. She was able to predict future events and happenings and she was able to see beyond each people telling them about their characteristics and hidden personalities.


  1. Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945)

Edgar Cayce was an American and a professional psychic who was able to answer a lot of questions about future wars, reincarnation, Spiritual healing, Atlantis and the future events to come while he is on trance-like state. His way of seeing things and foretelling the future is by laying down on a couch with his hands on his chest and allowing himself to sleep and dream (lucid dreaming).


  1. Baba Vanga (1911 – 1996)

Baba Vanga was a Bulgarian was born as Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova. She was born premature and was thought to die at a young age, her parent decided not to give her a name until she survives. Her name Vangelia is from the Greek word “Vangelis”, which means “herald of the good news”. While she was a kid, she got caught up in a storm or hurricane and was later found in an abandoned field with her eyes full of dust and sand. Her family could not afford an operation as they were very poor and this caused her to lose her eyesight and go blind. She believed that going blind was the awakening of her psychic abilities as she started seeing things that could not be seen by the naked eye. She had predicted a lot of future events, and was a renowned healer that uses herbal medicines.



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