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15 Ways to Save a Struggling Relationship

Every relationship passes through different kinds of phases, difficulties and struggles. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, there will always be the bad days and the challenging times for both of the people involved in the relationship. When you see yourself and your partner struggling and stumbling your way to fight for the romance that you built together, just have faith in each other and believe that you will be able to overcome any obstacles and problems that come your way. Make sure to be strong for each other and remind yourselves how much you love each other.


No, relationships do not happen just because of luck and chance, it may somehow be a part of it but you have to exert lots of effort and determination to continue forward with each other, hand in hand. You always have to try and make an effort to fix something that has been shattered by the pain caused by the endless challenges and difficulties that you go through. Fight for what is yours and never give up on the person whom you love the most.


Here are some great insights on how you could fix and continue on with your relationship even if the both of you are struggling as a couple.


1. Make sure to put your relationship back on top of the list of your priorities. You do know that a relationship becomes exciting and full of happiness when you invest in it and take care of it, yes? Just like when you and your partner were just new couples who used to be so sweet and loving with each other? Yes, remember that and relive that moment. Remind yourself how much you love your partner and tell them how much you do. Spend most of your time with them and do things that you both love and enjoy doing.     


2. Accept that your relationship is not perfect and that you will definitely face lots of troubles and problems through your journey. Lessen your impossible expectations and focus on the attainable reality to lessen the disappointments, frustrations and aggravation between the two of you. Do not focus on the negative things or what wrong your partner did because it will only attract negative vibrations and energy.


3. Never insult or belittle your partner as words are powerful and it can damage a person if you use derogatory and disparaging words towards your partner. Yes, you are angry or frustrated but that doesn’t give you the right to throw hurtful words and demeaning thoughts. When in heat of an argument, calm yourself down and opt to use words that are more respectful.


4. Don’t ignore big issues, problems and important matters that need your attention. Do not act as if everything going to be okay when you know that things could get out of hand. It could be damaging to the relationship. Act and do something about it to keep the relationship from slowly falling apart.


5. as much as possible, try not to blame everything on your partner. If something goes wrong, calm down and think of how and why it happened. Did you do something wrong as well? If yes, then there is no point in blaming the matter to your partner. If no, then just move on and fix whatever has been broken. It wouldn’t do the relationship any good if you find faults and blame each other for everything that goes wrong.


6. Always keep in mind that you should never try to change your partner and stop the delusion that you can hone them into someone who they are not. Accept them as to who they are and what they have because that is what’s going to make you feel satisfied and contented with the relationship. Do not look for something that your partner does not possess.


7. Always remind yourself as to why and how you feel in love with your significant other. Is it because of their smile? Or the way they laugh? Or the way they offer you the last piece of pizza on the box? Or is it how they deliver their corny yet funny jokes? Keep them in your heart as those are genuine and true memories and emotions that you can hold on to when things get rough. You can also try to do everything again to strengthen your relationship.


8. You should know how to forgive. Yes, your partner is not perfect as no one is and they could definitely make mistakes in the duration of your relationship. However big or small their faults and mistakes are, if you really want to pursue and continue the relationship then you must forgive them. To forgive them is to allow yourself to let go of what had hurt you and look forward to a better future together.


9. Be present. This means to allow yourself to give your full attention to your partner when you are inside one room or when you are talking to one another. Make sure to really be there, listen to what they have to say and respond wholeheartedly.


10. Sit down on the couch and ask them to share things with you and ask them how their day went or how was work for them or is something stressing them out? Do not be pushy but allow them to open up naturally. This will allow you to be updated about how your partner is doing and how they are feeling as of the moment.


11. Express yourself and let your partner know about your thoughts and feelings. They wouldn’t know unless you tell them so start being open as well. If you can’t handle something, be honest and tell them, if you cannot do something as it is out of your league, then go and tell them that you need help. Let go of your pride and ego and face the odds together.


12. Never keep secrets to your partner. You are not protecting anyone if you do not tell them that you are going bankrupt. Be honest and work things out together and do not shoulder the problems alone. You are together because you chose each other.


13. If you say or promise anything, you should keep it and be true to your word. If not, it will cause a lack of trust in the relationship. Trust is important to have with each other.


14. Always appreciate your partner and whatever it is that they do. Be it small or big things and matters, let them know that you value them and that you are grateful that you have them in your life. Make your significant other feel important and loved all the time. Keep the love burning.


15. Lastly, dream together. Talk about your plans and dreams and what kind of future you would want to build for yourselves and for your future family. Compare your dreams and create a realistic timeline for you to follow and achieve your dreams.

It is normal for relationship to fall for a while, especially if you feel like the world if crumbling down on the both of you but allow yourselves to pick up the pace and fight for what is right and for what you want. Everyone of us here on Earth is facing a battle that we know nothing about. Just be strong and remind yourselves why you wanted to start the relationship in the first place and why you feel in love with each other.


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